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Tips for Guys & Girls’ Spring Wardrobe Revamp

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Spring is here! Although climate change has had spring delayed in some places (even the subtropical Taipei got snow, something not even my grandma had witnessed), a wardrobe revamp cannot wait. Leap into a fresh look by bringing spring green and sky blue to tops, bottoms, and everything in between.


For Guys

1. Shirt in Pink

Striped Shirt from NOVI

Designers get really creative on how to put guys in pink. Stripes on cotton shirts softens brick red into salmon, while the contrast on the collars keeps up a sharp look.


2. Bag in Sky Blue

Soda Tote from Hi Kidult

Give your heavy-duty leather bags a spring break, and give cotton totes a chance. Blue and green hues make pastels gender-neutral!


3. Patterned shorts in Khaki

Natural Dye Shorts from Earth.er

Whether you go for predictable or unexpected spring fashion, a combination of classic khaki with asymmetrical details does the job.


4. Socks in Peach

Dwarf Galaxies Socks from +10

Inspired by dwarf galaxies, this peachy, sporty two-tone pair of socks reminds you that movement is only relative. Hint: time to get active!


5. Shoes that are Green

White Walking Shoes from For Your Earth

Spring is the time to think green. Push your green living goals further with a pair of eco-friendly shoes, such as this pair made from recycled soles and plastic bottles.


6. Sunglasses in Teal

Yellow and Teal Sunglasses from BLR

Whether spring break brings you to a ski resort or a tropical beach, you’ve got to have some colors going!


For Girls

1. Dress in Pastels

Rappu Dress from ipkiss

Put aways the wools and go light on the cotton! Spring means flowing fabrics: wear them with heels to feel pretty, or with sneakers to frolick!


2. Bucket hat in Florals

Floral Bucket Hat from Double Eyebrows

Ramp up the saturation and bring in the florals! Perched on a bucket hat, florals can be casual and comfortable too.


3. Accessories in Mint

Spring Green Triangle Earrings from REME

A patch of mint is like a sprouting dream in a gentle breeze. Take a deep breathe—it’s time to grow.


4. Tote in Blue

Tote from 8MD

Pair cute illustrations with different shades of the clear blue sky. Wiggle your way out of the winter slack!


5. Socks in Yellow

Banana Socks from NAKID

Kick off the day with yummy yellow socks. The brighter the color, the brighter the spirit!


6. Slip-ons in Neutrals

Milk Tea Walking Shoes from South Gate

Now you have the best colors on, keep your shoes neutral for a weightless look. You’ve obviously done your spring cleaning and are starting fresh!


What’s your style to wake up to spring?

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