Sending Prayers with Origami Cranes

Make an origami crane everyday for a thousand days; those who succeed will have their loved ones blessed.

According to an ancient Japanese tradition, if you fold one thousand paper cranes, hang them at the window and make a wish, your wish will come true.


Origami crane symbolizes prayers and blessings, and especially prayers of health and peace for Japanese. In the event of a disaster, you’ll find Japanese people hanging origami cranes everywhere, believing that the cranes will carry people away from suffering.

Different numbers of cranes also have different meanings. A single crane symbolizes one and only. Two cranes means a lovely couple. Five cranes says my love, and nine says lasting love. Ten means happiness, ninety-nine means forever love, and one thousand cranes holds a prayer.



In the New Year, origami cranes hung on the tree also symbolizes a joyful new year.

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