Experience Christmas in 7 Countries with Designers Around the World!

Do you ever wish you can experience Christmas holidays in another country? You’re in luck! From hot, summer Australian Christmas to magical Eastern European Christmas, we’re going to see them all. Let’s hear the designers around the world talk about their favorite place to be during the Christmas season!


❄ Plamena’s Christmas in Bulgaria

During Christmas holidays, my favorite places in my hometown Varna are the Cathedral and the square around the opera house. The Cathedral is a symbol of the spirit of the city, and the square is the symbol of the modern city life with various entertainment for children and adults.

Source: Plamena

Wish you all more smiles and happiness! Merry Christmas to all!

Plamena is an artist from Bulgaria and designer of Plad.


❄ Tetiana’s Christmas in Czech Republic

I live in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is a beautiful old town and during the Christmas holidays particularly.

Source: Tetiana

Dear Pinkoi community! Happy Holidays! Wishing you a beautiful holiday, and a new year of peace and happiness to you and your families.

Tetiana owns a small design and decor business and is the designer of ModCases.


❄ Suzanne’s Christmas in Spain

I will be staying in Girona, Spain this Christmas. For me there is no definite favorite place for Christmas—it can be anywhere as long as you have good company.

Source: Suzanne

May the joy of Christmas be with the Pinkoi community and a good new year ahead!

Suzanne is a studio jeweler living in Norway and owns her brand, Suzanne Law.


❄ Sidonie’s Christmas in Canada

During the Christmas holidays, my favorite place to hang out is somewhere near my house—the Niagara Falls! There are lots of bright lights and fun things to see and do. The falls themselves are great, too.

Source: Sidonie

Happy Holidays to everyone! Wishing you happiness this holiday season and all the best for the new year ( ^_^)

Sidonie is originally from Taiwan, and now lives in Canada, running her brand SIDONIEYANG.


❄ Alexa’s Christmas in Finland

There are a few places I love to go both in and out of nature. Finland is full of small towns that light up for the holiday season. The holiday lights mixed with the snowy scenery is the best! I also love to walk in the woods and by the frozen sea.

Source: Levimatkailu

Happy holidays Pinkoi community from snow-covered Finland!

Alexa is a designer living in Finland, originally from the US, and designer of Get Bli.


❄ Claudia & Ximena’s Christmas in Chile

In the past few years I’ve been celebrating the holidays in our studio in the city of Valparaíso. Claudia is from the countryside and I’m from the capital. We met each other and founded our studio here in Valparaíso because it was like the middle point between our homes. Now it has become our home and I've been celebrating the holidays here, enjoying of our special view of the city—especially at night when the tiny lights appear in the hills and in the sea. It's like the sky!

Source: Ximena

Dear friends! Wishing you the best holiday and new year’s eve. We really hope that everyone will have a year filled with prosperity and friends. Also, we'd like to say thank you to everyone who’s made this huge world feel smaller and warmer. It's such a dream come true to us to see our creations flying around the world to you. :)

—Claudia is a graphic designer and Ximena is a textile designer. They co-founded Trapolopolis.


❄ Roza’s Christmas in Australia

I live in the tropical area of Australia (Byron Bay) where it is almost always warm. During Christmas holidays it is hot and humid. Even though I miss snow quite a bit and being able to ice skate (I grew up in NYC), I really enjoy being able to go for a swim in the ocean any time. There's also a beautiful community around here and plenty of celebrations to choose from.

Source: Roza

This is our view from balcony, misty morning.

Happy holidays to the Pinkoi community!

—Roza designs clothing and create all art for Shovava.


That was quite a tour, wasn’t it? Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!

Feeling festive for the holidays!

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