See Art, Meet Dogs and Get Work Done at 1920C Coworking Space in SF

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Have you co-worked before? No, not working with your coworkers, but working with people who are not your coworkers. All across the world, sharing a workspace with other freelancers, startups and even employees from different companies have become very popular. Just like a friendly bed-and-breakfast welcomes travelers to a city, a coworking space welcomes both travelers and local professionals to a community, complete with wifi, a productive atmosphere, and after-work lifestyle tips.

Source: 1920C

The historic Chinatown of San Francisco has remained unchanged for decades, with traditional markets, restaurants, Hong Kong style cafes and souvenir shops filling up the streets. But the girls behind 1920C coworking space are bringing in the younger generation to liven it up with laptops, art shows, non-profits and new businesses!

Source: 1920C

Within a year, the young venue has hosted artists and engineers, Cantonese elders, traveling Japanese “salaryman” and Italian entrepreneurs, and even managed to create a gallery for monthly local artist exhibitions.

Source: 1920C

Just dropping by… from Japan!


A typical day at 1920C: dogs also hustling hard—for food and affection!

Source: 1920C

From left to right—Pebbles the pug, Mandy the queen, and Phish the dog in a red sweater—are regulars to the space!


A typical Friday at 1920C: happy hour—beer, wine and whisky!

Where else would you have whisky paired with Chinese egg tarts?


A typical art show opening at 1920C: young people in Chinatown!

Source: 1920C

Source: Zii-Ming Li

After work, join an art show or pop-up party!


Work, life and new neighbors come together pretty nicely at 1920C. As it says on their wall art, remember to hustle, and invent your dreams! (Read about how designers do it!)

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Source: 1920C (Now Treehouse Space)

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