Dark & Mysterious Looks for 8 Types of Witchy Girls

Whether you compulsively reach for black or actually study crystals and divination, October is the month to let your inner witch shine! With Halloween around the corner, we’re in praise of all styles dark and mystical. The question is, what kind of witchy girl are you?


Ghost Girl

Organza Sailor Top from röyksopp gakkai

Ready to star in your own campus ghost story? Float along the hallways in this schoolgirl blouse with a white organza texture like traditional Japanese paper.


Student of Occultism

Merkabah Necklace from ESCA Studio

Known as merkabah, the geometrical rotating wheels of light is said to take your spirit to the beings of the higher realms.


Chinese Witch

Black Dress from Moyo2420

Wear the high bun and flowing ribbons of a typical goddess from Chinese mythology, but go wicked with black and red!


Cosmic Spirit

Iron-nickel Meteorite Earrings from Sky Gemstone & Jewelry

Can meteorites be messages from the outer space? You believe, for one, that stones and crystals hold powerful forces that connects us all.


Street Goth

Thorns Sweatshirt from YUZUKI.S 

With angry graffiti and ghastly shadows, your magic is not conjuring something up in the air—it’s in living the real life!


Animal Speaker

Fairy Wings Ring from Mix Gene

Enter the fairy realm and be ready to find the lines getting blurry between body and spirit, men and animals.


Tribal Witch

Woven Skirt from Younga

Gather your people by the fire, teach them magic of Mother Earth, and pass on wisdom of the ancestors!


Have you found your magic?

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Text: Melissa

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