Planner Addicts, Meet #PlannerGirls & Find Your People on Instagram!

Instagram is where the planner community thrives: from #weeklyspread inspirations to #planneraddict pride, from Filofax ideas to Midori hacks, #stationerylovers behind IG accounts are open and passionate when it comes to sharing their creativity and inspiring each other.

Are you looking for ingenious ways to use rolls of washi tape in your journals?

Are you a seasoned journaler longing for a community that inspires one another? 

Join Becca, Franzi and Merle’s world on Instagram! Right now, weekly layouts (or #wochendeko!) and washi tapes are hot in Germany. The planner lovers have active IG accounts and are here to share ideas for planner decoration and fabulous Instagram feeds. Get ready!


Meet Becca, aka @aquafilo

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Becca’s gorgeous feed in a vintage neutral tone is full of leather planner covers, beautiful stamps and pen-and-ink style illustrations. She owns an impressive 15 planners at the moment!


Becca’s planners: Filofax, Midori, and more

Source: aquafilo

I use Filofaxes in Personal and A5 size, Midori Traveler’s Notebooks in Regular and Passport, and some other planners. I love all of them!


Becca’s decors: stamps.
Q: How do you give your stamps a different look every time?

Source: aquafilo, aquafilo

I ask myself this question every time I decorate. The background and decoration make all the difference. When I use a flower stamp with brown and green decorations, it looks very vintage; but with more colorful decorations, it’s not that vintage anymore. You can always use the same stationery, but by combining it with different things each time you decorate, it gets a different look.


Becca’s personalization: “Different dashboards and dividers create different styles for each planner.”

Source: aquafilo

In my Filofax, I use stickers and washi tapes I like, whether or not they match the style of the planner. In my Midoris, I usually use earth-colored and vintage stationery; sometimes colorful ones too.


IG photography lesson: “I want my followers to concentrate on my decorations and planners in my photos, not the background.”

Source: aquafilo

I used my white pillowcase as the background of my photos because it looked very minimalistic. But now that I don’t have it anymore, I’m trying my backgrounds with a beige place mat. However, maybe I will go back to the fur pillowcase again sometime.


Becca’s IG community love: “My biggest inspiration on Instagram are my followings and followers.”

Source: aquafilo

Every day, I get a lot of inspiration by scrolling down my timeline on Instagram and seeing what other people use and how they decorate their planners. Because I want to be an inspiration for others, too, I share photographs of my planners, decorations, washi tapes and all the other things on Instagram.


Meet Franzi, aka @elfenbeinmaedchen

Besides Filofax weekly spreads and washi collections, Franzi’s IG feed is brimming with planner accessories as well as peeks of her studio.

Franzi’s Planners: Ring planners!

There are so many systems you can use for planning, such as Traveler's ringless systems or bounded calendars. I tried them all, but my favorite is still the ring planners.

Source: elfenbeinmaedchen

My all time favorite is Filofax’s Original Planner Personal in the color Nude. It fits with decorations of every color and style—I think this is why I love this planner so much.


“The most common thing to do with a planner is decorating your week.”

First of all, planners really helps to keep you organized. I'm not a fan of planning my appointments with my phone—you can lose the overview so quickly. But when you spend so much time decorating your planner, you keep your appointments in your mind.

I know getting organized sounds obvious and boring, but looking up your busy schedules in your colourful weekly decoration makes you smile—and that's not boring at all!

Source: elfenbeinmaedchen

This is my favorite part: It really calms you down and you have so many ways to create a weekly decoration by using stickers, washi tape and hand-lettering.

You can also use it for lists to keep track of your favorite tv shows, the best restaurants in your town or your goals.


Franzi’s planner hack: store your washi tape leftovers!

Source: elfenbeinmaedchen

We don't want to waste a single centimeter of our beloved washi tapes! Just cut out clear and thick foil (like the ones you used for an overhead projector) so it fits into your planner, and you can stick the washi leftovers on it. It's easy to remove them and you have a nice overview of all your leftovers.


Franzi’s accessories: Charms.
Q: How do we get accessories like your adorable planner charm?

Source: elfenbeinmaedchen

My planner charms are made by a friend, Aie. You can find everything that you need for making your own planner charm at your local stationery/crafting store, or you can order one online—even customized ones like this leather charm.


Franzi’s planning tip: How do you effectively choose and pair washi tapes for a layout?

Source: elfenbeinmaedchen

I really like to keep them somewhere I can see them while planning and decorating. That makes it easier to chose the ones that fit into the decoration and to combine different tapes.

I have a lot of tapes with special themes like travelling and eating that are easy to fit in with the week’s plans. The more abstract ones with differents patterns and colours complete the decoration. And there has to be a girl sticker —such as the ones from La Dolce Vita. I really love them!


Franzi’s IG photography lesson: “Switching backgrounds while keeping a unified look on my feed.”

Source: elfenbeinmaedchen

First, good lighting is a must for me, so I only take them in front of a window. Second, it’s important to switch up photo backgrounds but at the same time keep an unified look on my feed. So, I chose backgrounds with the same colours such as white, beige, light brown and sometimes grey, but with different textures like wood or fabrics. I also use the same photo editing programs to create a unified style.


Franzi’s IG community love: “The planning community on Instagram has grown through the last months, and I love it.”

Source: elfenbeinmaedchen

We share with each other our latest decorations, our newest shopping hauls, and even send each other letters with washi tape samples.

I only post pictures about planning and crafting on my IG account, and I only follow accounts that are planner-related. This helps me get a lot of inspirations while scrolling through the feed and to share my work directly with people that are crazy about planning just like me.


Meet Merle, aka @planningwithmerle

Source: planningwithmerle

Merle’s feed is full of rare finds like cityscape wide washi tapes and a distinctive woodsy aesthetic where color palettes change as the seasons flow.


Merle’s Planners:
“Leuchtturm bullet journal is for planning the week, to-do lists, trackers, etc.
Filofax Personal Nude is for decorating my weeks with pretty washi tapes and stickers!”

Source: planningwithmerle

My Leuchtturm bullet journal keeps me organized!


Merle’s planning tip: How do you go about designing a weekly spread?

Source: planningwithmerle, planningwithmerle

First, I always choose one big sticker (most of the time it’s a pretty girl sticker from La Dolce Vita), then some washi tape that goes with the sticker perfectly. And then, I simply start being creative. One simple trick is to keep the two pages in a visual balance!

Also, I keep samples of every washi tape I own in this book (right photo) to have a better overview. It’s a good way to show someone your whole collection, perhaps when you are doing a happy mail with someone.


IG photography lesson: “Yes, it’s all about a good background.”

Source: planningwithmerle

I’m always struggling with the perfect background. I really like wooden textures, but right now I’m just using printed paper as backgrounds. I’d love to own a real wooden desk some day!

I personally like IG feeds where the background changes sometimes, so that’s what I’m just trying to do. We’ll see!


Merle’s IG community love: “I post my Filofax weekly spreads like many other users!”

Source: planningwithmerle

And of course, Instagram stories and live streams are a great way to share ideas. I also like watching Youtube videos about planning.


Wow, these girls just showed us a whole new level of attention to details, whether you’re personalizing your planner, organizing your washis, designing the pages, or sharing your results with fellow planner lovers. Follow Becca, Franzi and Merle, equip yourself with stamps and washi tapes, and share with us your unique planner decorations!


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