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The Pleasures of Time Traveling with Vintage Clothing

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A piece of vintage clothing is an invitation to travel in time, whether it’s to a few decades back when mom and dad were hip and playing guitars, or to the flapper generation that only exists on screens now. Vintage gives us a peek into the lives of a different time and space, along with fascinating fashion details. Let’s go vintage hunting—discovery awaits!


The Lifestyle

Vintage Jinbei from Go Young Vintage

Hmm, it looks like a kimono, but closer to a yukata. Wait, it’s actually a jinbei—a casual linen outfit that Japanese men, women and children all wear at home or for running errands in hot summer days. The name jinbei has no meaning unless we start picturing the lifestyle it came from!


The Style

Vintage Dress from Elza La Vache

Flower power is iconic, but did you know that pastels were in vogue before that? Slipping into vintage is like chatting with a stylist from another era—a rare opportunity indeed.


The Era

Vintage Dress from Dottori Shojyo

Just like Gil in Midnight in Paris, we also need a little nostalgic escape to the good old times, when people knew all their neighbors and love letters were delivered by postmen on bicycles. Have you ever felt like you belong in another era?


The Material

Vintage Blouse from River 3 Water

Before we had all the rayon and polyester in the world, natural material was the only fabric for each shirt, skirt and underwear. From vintage real silk with a color-shifting sheen to “vegan” polyester with better durability, each option exists for a reason.


The Social Norm

Vintage Suit Jacket from 4.5 Studio

“Scandalous!” People would whisper when women first started wearing men’s clothes. Throwing on a feminine, socially acceptable modern-fit blazer is quite different from throwing on the boxy types made only for men decades ago!


The Techniques

Vintage Vest from Baju Tua

People make beautiful embroidery all over the world, and colorful Rajasthani embroidery from India even have tiny pieces of mirrors sewn into it—with threads, not adhesives! The mirrors not just adds shine, but are also said to reflect bad luck and evil spirits away.


The Memories

Vintage Cardigan from Older Older

Sharing a piece of the memory is the reason I began appreciating my mother’s hand-me-downs. The blouse she wore to my recital, earrings I used to pull from her ear…… as we grow older, we find more special meanings in them!


And then, we bring stories from the past back to the present and create more memories. Where will vintage take you today?

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