Too Cool for School? These Handmade Designer Stationery are For You!

Are you looking for thoughtfully-made notebooks with truly original designs, made by someone who is just as dedicated as you are in your passions? You’ll want these handmade stationery wherever you go!

Between personalized covers and hand-painted colors, handmade designer stationery are eye-catching beauties that people will surely comment on (they are affordable, too!).


1. Personalized Kraft Stationery 6-Piece Set from Taiwan

Washable kraft paper fabric binder, notebooks, pen holder stationery set

Made by Cultu-Re

This beautiful washable kraft paper fabric set includes a notebook cover, multiple pocket folders, pen sleeve, planner, a grid notebook and a lined notebook. Plus, you can have it embossed and personalized!


2. Marble Print Notebook from Malaysia

Splash ink artist hand dye marbled cover notebook

Made by We Are Hooey

All of these marble dye notebooks are printed by hand in Malaysia. The designers at “We are Hooey” are obsessed over papercrafts, and you’ll have fun getting lost in the splashes of color!


3. Indigo Dye Fabric Pencil Case from Taiwan

Indigo dye one of a kind handmade fabric pencil case modern

Made by Spruce Artistry

Every indigo dye case is handmade in Taiwan by designer, Spruce. The artisanal craft done with a modern edge will make anyone with an eye for design pause and say, “Oooh.”


4. Hand-dyed Notebook Cover from Taiwan

Light blue natural dye cotton canvas book cover

Made by Fleacise

Hand-dyed in Taiwan, the canvas cover is ready for books in a range of sizes. We think the color goes well with the seasons from summer through winter, too!


5. Paper Pencil from Taiwan

Multicolor paper rolled colored pencil

Made by Mumu Union

Instead of a wooden body, these colorful pencils have a body of rolled paper and fluffy tips. A small but delightful way to light up your work day!


6. Letterpress Notebook from Malaysia

Red letterpress notebook

Made by Alphabet Press

The 100% recycled paper notebook is made by Alphabet Press, a bespoke letterpress company in Malaysia. Chat up with the designers and you might discover something you never knew you wanted.


7. Cement Pen Tray from Hong Kong

Square cement fair faced concrete pen tray

Made by Shabibi Sheep Workshop

Shabibi Sheep focuses on “fair faced concrete” creations, and this tray is heavy, industrial, yet peaceful and zen-like. The pattern on these concrete works of art are “drawn” in the mold for every piece, therefore each are unique.


8. Hemp and Mauhom Journal from Thailand

Hemp and mauhom handmade handbound journal with wax rope natural materials

Made by Kamlor

The mauhom Thai fabric is breathable and full of texture. Made with natural materials including wood, wax rope, hemp and mauhom fabrics, Kamlor’s handbound journals are soulful items one can only dream of finding.


Once you get into indie design stationery, it’s hard to go back to mass-manufactured. However, “less is more” still holds: it might take just one meaningful piece of handmade craft to make all the difference.

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Text: Melissa

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