8 Picture-Perfect Beaches in Thailand for your Maillot Co. Swimsuits

Lying down at the beach with light blue straw hat

Everyone says that the beaches are the most beautiful places in Thailand! Is this true? To confirm this with our own eyes, Maillot Co. is taking you to our favorite beaches for amazing swimsuit photos!

From eastern to southern Thailand, we went to eight beautiful beaches to take our swimwear photos. Now you’ll get to see our eight different swimsuits in action at the beach!


1. Tachai Island, Similan National Park

Tachai Island is located at the northern end of Similan Islands National Park and is not too far from the Surin Islands. The most beautiful time to visit Tachai Island is from February to April. After this time period Tachai Island is closed for six months for natural restoration.

Viva blue skies and ocean!

▲ Tachai Island highlights include sandy beaches, soft granules, and long coastlines.


2. Similan Islands, Phang Nga Province

This top destination in Thailand features a crystal blue sea, clear white sand and a quiet atmosphere. The Andaman Islands have gorgeous coral reefs under the sea. Similan National Park on Koh Phra Thong in the Kura Buri District covers an area of 32,000 acres and was declared a National Park on September 1, 1982.

Blue crossback one piece swimsuit against the turquoise ocean and blue sky.

Blue swimsuit against the turquoise ocean and blue sky.


3. Hat Ban Chuen, Trat Province

Hat Ban Chuen is a beautiful beach resort on a riverbank in the Trat Province. Before entering Trat, turn left and then between the 59 and 60 kilometer markers, turn right and continue for another 2 miles. Hat Ban Chuen is said to have the most beautiful white sand in Trat and even in Eastern Thailand.

When you want to really relax, a private beach and breeze is the best.

▲ When you want to really relax, a private beach and breeze is the best.


4. Koh Rok, Ko Lanta District

The island of Rok is known as the Queen of Andaman. A nearby place to visit is Krabi beach. Phuket is also not far away. If you stay in Phuket, it’s convenient to take a boat to Koh Samet for snorkeling. You’ll be able to see abundant marine life and more nature in the island’s forest and on the clean white beach. The sea is clear blue, giving you an unobstructed view right to the bottom.

At Koh Rok, the sea is clear blue, giving you an unobstructed view right to the bottom.

▲ If you like going underwater, do not miss this! However, we need to help conserve this beautiful sea. Do not break or disturb the aquatic life and organisms if you want them to stay alive for a long time!


5. Ko Hong, Krabi

Ko Hong, or “Room Island”, is located in Bok Khorani National Park. It is a beautiful island surrounded by turquoise waters. There are many coral reefs around the island, the sand is clean, and the sea is a clear emerald green with lots of small fish. The beach is suitable for swimming and it’s also a kayak and snorkeling area.

Black crossback maillot swimsuit at Ko Hong, Thailand.

▲ It is rated as one of the 10 most visited beaches in the world.


6. Pattaya Beach, Chonburi

Pattaya Beach is only one or two hours away from Bangkok. If you are exhausted and need to take a break from your busy schedule, this is an easy place to get to. Pattaya Beach is a half-moon shaped beach about  2.5 miles long, and there is a road to the beach that you can drive on.

White striped cross-back swimsuit at Pattaya Beach


7. Hua Hin Beach

This beach is on the east side of town. The beach can be accessed from Kasem road. There are many hotels and souvenir shops along the beach.

Beach essentials: blanket, sunglasses, drink floaties, and a cute swimsuit.

▲ Taking it easy without spending much in Hua Hin.


8. Ko Kham Undersea Park, Chonburi

This is a small island located on the south side of Sattahip, about 9 km from the coast, and about 20 minutes away by boat. Get there early because the sea is beautiful in the morning.

Paddle boarding into the sea

▲ Do not forget to check what time the islands are open to visitors!


The beaches in Thailand are beautiful and appreciated all over the world. It is therefore important that we all take care of the beach and the beautiful ocean to preserve nature. If you plan to hit the beach, don’t forget to to pack a swimsuit that suits your style! If you do not have a swimsuit, consider Maillot swimwear, which we proudly present in these photos of the most beautiful beaches!


Contributor: Maillot Co.
Translation/edit: Melissa, Amp

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