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February First: Fairy Tale Clothing Made with Fairy Tale Materials

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February First is a new brand based in Florence, Italy, created by two sisters Daria and Anastasia. February first is our date of birth, and since this day, we have created a lot of beautiful things together.


Clothing of fairy tales

Fairy tale for us is a cipher, a lost language. Magical elements in garments symbolize humans’ desire for protection. February First clothing is romantic womenswear based on fairy tales and legends. Every collection starts with extensive research: For every pattern, silhouette and garment that have ever considered to be magical, we bring them into our designs. A fencing jacket, a Siberian child robe, a fishskin wedding vest, a traditional nettle dress or a miner’s uniform… they are all such items.


Attractive vs. nature-friendly

Rather than stating our clothing is nature-friendly, we attract people who are looking for rare, surreal clothing. So many companies are using the eco-friendly concept to earn money instead of protecting nature that people stopped believing in it. This is why we want to create attractive products that talk to people emotionally, to making us feel like we are part of nature again and feel the value of garments, instead of making us think about eco-friendliness rationally.


Magical elements from the nature

In the beginning, we used unusual materials like mushroom skin, fish skin, moss, and nettle only in details first to see how they evoke people’s emotions, and discovered most natural materials make a strong impression on us. We are almost irrationally attracted to such materials.


Let’s make impact with fairy tales

We want to stop the depreciation of clothing by creating deep emotional connection between people and old materials that were considered to be sacred years ago. If clothing becomes precious again, over-consumption will stop.

We invite artists and artisans to make the emotional impact of "fairy tale garments" even stronger. Let’s create a community of people who will consider garments as artifacts, and as precious symbolic objects.




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