Pinkoi in Bangkok | Our 8 Favorite Coffee Shops to Visit in Bangkok

It’s April, and Songkran is one of the best times to visit Thailand. But whatever time of the year it is, you’ll find tons of great design in Thailand. Since design and coffee often go hand in hand, we’re recommending some of the best Bangkok coffee shops that are not only favorite neighborhood hangouts, but also creative hubs and zakka stores. Let’s check out these local favorites!


1. Ink & Lion Cafe

Bangkok coffee shop: Ink & Lion Cafe

One of the hottest spots in Bangkok to get a pour over or flat white, Ink & Lion Cafe is often packed with coffee aficionados eager to share and chat. You’ll also run into cool exhibitions and workshops now and then.


2. Sora City

Bangkok coffee shop: Sora City

Originally a custom bike shop in Bangkok, Sora City extends their passion to good coffee, amazing fruit yogurt waffles (a house special!) and pop-up exhibitions.


3. Porjai Home Cafe

Bangkok coffee shop: Porjai Home Cafe

Other than home to the owner’s handcraft brand polka dot, Porjai is also home to an impressive collection of Totoro plush which the owner’s brother collected from claw cranes all over Japan and Thailand.


4. Spoonful Zakka Cafe

Bangkok coffee shop: Spoonful Zakka Cafe

Zakka (here’s why we all love zakka) is just one of the highlights of Spoonful—another is the daily scone and handmade jam menu which lures customers to come back to this Bangkok sweet spot again and again!


5. Yellow Spoon Pastry

Bangkok coffee shop: Yellow Spoon Pastry

One of the top-tier pastry shops in Bangkok, Yellow Spoon is famous for meringue pies, cannolis, madeleines, and more. Activate your nose and follow the sweet aroma—you can’t possibly miss it! 


6. Peace Oriental Teahouse

Bangkok coffee shop: Peace Oriental Teahouse

The owner of Peace Oriental Teahouse is determined to serve the public in Bangkok: “We didn't choose to do tea. We were chosen.” Here you can find oriental teas like Taiwanese oolong and Japanese green tea, talk about tea to your heart’s content, or do tea ceremony with the owner.


7. The Jam Factory - Candide Books

Bangkok coffee shop: The Jam Factory - Candide Books

This airy open space in Bangkok combines the best things in life: a coffee shop, an exhibition venue, a bookstore, and a farmer’s market. Oh, plus a grassy lawn and a revered old tree. No wonder it’s the local’s top weekend destination.


8. Parden

Bangkok coffee shop: Parden cafe

Serving organic meals and fruity sweets, Parden cafe also sells Japanese zakka and Northern Thailand handicrafts, and this Bangkok coffee shop is dear to its almost all-Japanese clientele.


Whether you're visiting these Bangkok coffee shops as destinations or resting spots, you know you won't be missing out with these recommendations!

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