9 Ways to Turn Your Summer Clothes ino Fall’s Most Anticipated Styles

With rustling leaves and a change of colors, fall is tempting us to change our looks! Anticipated styles this fall includes gold metallics, velvet, and chokers. Combined with classic leather, earth tones and cardigans, we’ve got you 9 styles to layer over summer pieces and greet fall with grace!


☞ A twist on leather

Wanderer Top from Parachute

Leather is about to take over, but extend your summer with summer shades and sleeveless cuts, which you can layer with from end of summer into late fall.


☞ A hint of velvet

Cut Out Mini Dress from PULSE

Tops, dresses, handbags, even heels—Velvet was all over New York Fashion Week! So don’t be shy; try incorporating them into modern cuts and everyday wear.


☞ An earthy element  

Ore Low Heels from ZOODY

From metallic to rocky, earthy elements keep us fashionably grounded while kicking off the season. Architectural structures and play on wedges provide fun shoes in between boots and flats.


☞ A touch of mystery

40’s Black Veil Bucket Hat from Marzenie

With the touch of a black veil, summer-y bucket hat turns classy and ready for transitions!


☞ A sheen of gold

Botanical Earrings from Pisceans

Metallic sheens are a must, whether in a futuristic style or as a nod to nostalgia. We can’t resist including fall’s golden foliage into the picture!


☞ Alternative choker

Silk Scarf from Viatatha

From spring to fall, choker is still going wild! Break free of the common styles and tie yourself with a skinny ribbon scarf for extra elegance and a bit of warmth.


☞ Peek-a-boo socks

Bonne Maison Socks from Bonbonmisha

It’s a special day—the day our boots see the light of day again! Mix them up with your socks, because with all the crazy prints and mixed fabrics (such as the metallic and velvet patches), they deserve to be seen. (Check out printed socks and mixed fabric socks)


☞ 90’s sweatshirt

Walking the Alpaca Sweatshirt from Becker Street

Part of the 90’s comeback, there are several reasons to wear sweatshirts: the sporty trend, campus style, off-shoulder looks, and oversized hoodies as mini-dresses.


☞ Wrap cardigan

Hooded Wrap Cardigan from Clothpoint

Long and drapey are the keywords to capture fall romance! Make the most of out this transient season with a long cardigan or vintage kimono.


What’s going to be your look this fall?

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Text: Melissa 

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