Learn these Designer Gift Wrapping Tricks! Washi Tape, Obi and Tenugui

Goodpair Socks Peek-a-boo Wrapping

Uh-oh, Christmas is just around the corner, you’re almost done with shopping, but wrapping gifts is taking longer than you expected! If only Santa’s helpers can come over and get presentable gift wrapping done in a snap!

Fret not, you can do it! The designers who are wrapping gifts everyday have some pro tips for you. These tips will allow you to quickly wrap gifts with the same method but easily create variety for different gifts. With wrapping paper, washi tape, and tenugui, you can wrap up gifts of different values for different people quickly and without having to stop to think.

Let’s see the designers demonstrate three of their gift-wrapping methods!


1. Using washi tapes two-ways: basic gift-wrapping that’s easy to create variety

There are two basic washi tape gift-wrapping methods that’s easy to start with.

First, the classic cross, using washi tape as ribbons. You’ll use two materials to create the cross and bow.

What you need: any paper for wrapping, washi tape (solids and patterns work best) and twine.

1. Wrap the gift with paper, even plain paper.
2. Wrap horizontally with washi tape.
3. Tie vertically with twine and tie a bow on top.

Second, designing your own wrapping paper, using designs on the washi tape.

The popular illustration brand Meowmeowstar plays with stickers and washi tapes all day. They’re sharing with us their washi tape gift-wrapping technique!

What you need: plain or patterned wrapping paper, release paper (sticker paper), washi tape (illustration designs work best), twine.


1. Wrap the gift with wrapping paper.


2. Stick washi tape to the release paper, and cut out the designs.


3. You can then arrange the cutouts on the gift and create a design.


4. Peel off the back of the release paper and stick on the designs.


5. Tie a bow with twine. Ta-da!

Check Meowmeowstar for more inspirations in this style!

Pro tip to a finished look: Seal the wrapping paper on the inside with double-sided tape so the washi tape and twine stand out, giving the gift a clean look.


2. Using wrapping paper and your Christmas card: Make an obi with paper strips.

Do you also wish there’s a better way to give out the Christmas card along with the Christmas gift? Illustration brand A.part has a great idea for “tying” them together as one nice gift! Their creative gift wrapping solution uses minimal wrapping materials to create a finished look, which makes it environmental friendly, too.

What you need: Christmas card in a nice envelope, wrapping paper or gift box, extra paper for obi, ribbon bow (optional)

1. This technique uses the Christmas card as the “face” of your gift. A.part uses a shimmery black envelop and a gift wrapped in plain white paper.


2. For the obi, this gift uses a strip of vellum paper stamped with A.part logo. You can use any paper strip and stamp for your obi.


3. Place the card on top of the gift, and wrap both with the paper strip to create the obi. Seal the obi on the back.


Pro tip to a finished look: Choose envelopes, wrapping paper and obi in a cohesive color combination, such as the classic black and white A.part is known for.


3. Using tenugui: luxurious, eco-friendly gift-wrapping for important gifts meant to last

Designers from Goodpair Socks and Jibberish both showed us how to wrap gifts with fabric, such as a traditional tenugui, indigo dye fabric, or other types of wrappers. For important recipients, a beautiful, reusable wrapping shows the exchange is significant and meant to last. 

Learn from Goodpair Socks on how to wrap a gift:


Learn how indigo dye with the brand Jibberish to wrap a gift:

These gift wrapping pro tips from designers is the next best thing to having Santa’s helpers! Let’s get them done!


Happy holidays!

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