Valentine’s Day Couple Gift Sets for Homebody Couples

You know your relationship is going strong when you feel the sweetest moments in insignificant day-to-day details. After all, it’s pretty special to always have someone taking turns cleaning the bathroom with and going for the routine run together. If your SO also thinks that sharing the little things in life together is the most romantic thing, these Valentine’s Day gifts will keep your days sweet and steady!


Jogger Pants from Hao

Of all the things you do together, exercising has to be one of the more challenging activities to get both excited about. Gears are just the beginning—you can bond more by helping each other become motivated!


Love Birds Mug from Sun Art

Couple mugs are like couples. Each mug has their own lives and schedules, and when both happened to look each other in the eye, they realize how amazing it is that they are a pair.


Couple Pillows from Drizzle

Pillows are great for both hugging and punching into, so putting a photo of your SO onto a pillow is a very healthy outlet for your love-hate relationship!


Couple Two-way Pack Set from JAPFAC

We like the broader meaning of the word “partner”—It means two people sharing a journey together, in a romantic relationship, in building careers, in exploring the world… and more.


Bone China Cup from Doodle

Brushing your teeth is an event we repeat day after day without thinking. Are you getting too comfortable with your relationship that you also forget to appreciate it? Use these beautiful bone china cups to remind yourselves that even the smallest details can be treasures.


Canvas Apron from Good Afternoon Work

Are you both dreamers, makers, and tinkerers? It’s very lucky to have the same passion as your significant other! When things are made with love, people can tell, so pick up a pair of workshop aprons and make something happen together!


Custom Bracelets from Fyntage

In many old traditions, bracelets are tokens of memories, blessings, or even reminders. What message would you tie on each other’s wrists to remind him/her that you care?


These couple gifts are not extravagant, but are practical and meaningful. Which one suits you both the most?

Gifts to steal his/heart heart

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Text: Melissa

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