5 Types of Planners to Achieve Your Goals! Which is for You in 2018?

A planner is much more than a notebook with schedules and illustrations. We all have different goals and lifestyles and think and plan in different ways. That’s why there are so many cult planners designed with very different layouts!

From simple monthly and weekly views to goal-tracking pages to mindfulness prompts, many of these new planners came from Kickstarter or independent designers trying to make our lives more fulfilling with a planner. Which school do you belong to? Take a look at these popular planners and decide!


1. Designer and brand name cult planners

Dailylike 2018 Planner

Dailylike 2018 Planner

Pretty graphics, customizable details, thick papers…... designer planners don’t skimp on the look and the fun. The time view layouts remains familiar, but it’s the pretty styles that align your planning tool with your self identity, aesthetics and even your business. For example, Erin Condren LifePlanners are customizable from the cover, coil colors, color theme to interior layouts.

Every year, Thinking of You designs a new planner. This year the Everyday Planner focus on hand-lettering, and the pages includes grids and index you can use for language learning or calligraphy, as well as zodiac sign index of your friends!

Everyday Planner

Everyday Planner Index page example

Everyday Planner calligraphy practice page example


2. Goal-oriented project planners and habit trackers

Korea Livework Slow and Steady 4-Month Planner

Korea Livework Slow and Steady 4-Month Planner Layout

4-Month Planner

Looking for a planner that helps you set goals, plan projects, and follow through? For new-generation goal-setting planners, it’s not just about linear daily schedules, but also planning for dreams, goals and habits. They often have project pages, task breakdowns, and sections for reflections, etc. Kickstarter-funded Volt Planner has 30-day challenge and weekly inspirations, and UK’s Best Self Journal has 13-week goal planner. Some of them even have mindfulness sections like gratitude journals and inspiration prompts!


3. Minimalistic routines and schedule books

Self Calendar Monthly View

Self Calendar

Perhaps you don’t want all the add-ons. Perhaps you only want a blank canvas that allows you to mark your schedule on a crystal clear page, or you’re a light planner and don’t spend that much time with a notebook in your hand. Or maybe you’re a planner decoration addict and basic layouts provide just enough space for your creativity. In these cases, reliable time views, binding that opens flat, and a pleasing cover is all you need, and there are plenty to choose from!


Popular illustration brand Yohand’s undated planner is great for students:

Yohand Illustrated Undated Planner

If you’re ready to invest in a long term relationship, Japanese planners like Traveler’s Notebook and Hobo as well as Leuchtturm planners will work with you for a long time!


4. Bullet Journal for a planner that follows your thought process

Designer Ryder Carroll created the Bullet Journal system for ultimate flexibility: you design and draw your own layouts, index, future and past timetables, and you’ll never waste pages on your planner ever again. For those getting tired of shopping for planners and studying layouts, it might be time for you to start bullet journaling. Dotted journals or grid pages tend to be the best for bullet journaling!

From “bullets” and “logs” to “migration” to “threading”, bullet journaling techniques allow the layout to follow your actual flow of thoughts, so it’s a planner that lets you go with the flow.


5. Handmade planners for intimate “me” time

Coptic Binding Journal

Coptic Binding Journal

Designer brands or not, most planners are manufactured to provide good printing and clear layouts. If you want actual handmade planners, you’ll probably be sacrificing structured linear timelines for more creative free space and textured experiences. Handmade planners exist, and they are waiting for you, their soulmate.


Thai Silk Cover Journal

Thai silk cover journal


Now, you should have a better idea of what type of planner can help you achive your dreams and make your life more fulfilling! Narrow it down with our top 10 Asian and Japanese planners!  

It’s a grand plan

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