Why We Love the Fox & 20 Cute Fox Gifts We Can Look at All Day

Cute Fox Brooch 

How do you make a fox lover happy? Show them foxes! There are so many reasons that make foxes the cutest and the coolest animals around, and each of these foxy gifts explain those reasons pretty well. Here’s why the fox is our favorite animal!


1. Fox Muffler Enamel Brooch

The fox is always a gentleman or a lady. Have you ever seen otherwise? She is always classy and elegant in her own skin, like all timeless style icons.


2. Clay Fox Necklace and Fox and Baby Porcupine Necklace

Fox kits are cute and cuddly. What we wouldn’t give to cuddle with a fox and give it tummy rubs!


3. Self-Warming Fox Plush

Our prayer is answered with this self-heating fox plush pillow, perfect for winter! Who needs a boyfriend for Netflix when you have this little guy?


4. Fox coat hangers

Foxes are not just beautiful, they are also smooth, stealthy and never attention seekers. These fox outline hangers will quietly glide into any home to make a statement without making a splash.


4. Mini Fox Bell

The secretive fox seems to always have something hidden under its sleeves. We can’t see past its unfathomable smiling eyes, but still fall helplessly in love with its cool and composed stature.


5. Fox Holmes Bust

There he is, Fox Holmes, the quick-witted observer and the brains in the animal kingdom; the gentleman and the detective. This 10-inch bust is a stately and humorous decoration for the living room.


6. Fox Temporary Tattoo Sheet

Who doesn’t love the fox’s rich red fur? Too many have fought in the name of this fanatic love; why not wear it as a tattoo?


7. Felt Fox Hat

“Big blue eyes, pointy nose, chasing mice and digging holes/ Tiny paws, up the hill, suddenly you're standing still/ Your fur is red, so beautiful” Who remembers Ylvis’ viral song “The Fox”? We love them for helping the public to appreciate the fox! Wear this fox hat to show your fox pride in any occasion throughout the year.


8. Fox Ceramic Plate

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” The happy fox also chases bunnies across the meadows. Foxes are also really playful and we love seeing them going wild like wild animals should!


9. Origami Fox Necklace and Carved Fox Ring

Foxes can’t help but be elegant in a low-key fashion. If you identify with that side of the fox, the minimalist origami fox and this stealth-mode carved ring are the perfect accessories.


10. Abstract Fox Ring

Sleek and slithering, the fox brings out that sensuous side of us.


11. Mr. Fox Reading Fairytale Pin and Hand-painted Fox Key Chain

Foxes are storybook staples! They are favorite woodland characters and have appeared in folklores in every culture. Mr. Fox will read you fairy tales while the innocent hand-painted keychain fox will walk you home every day.


12. Walking/Sitting Fox Mug and Sayings Fox Mug

There is also something wise and zen-like about the fox. The fox on the left has two sides: out-and-about vs. sitting in contemplation. The fox on the right includes the saying, “Wherever you are, be all there.”


13. White Fox Bell Jar Fragrance Pellet

In Japanese and Chinese traditions, the fox is a spirit and a fairy capable of magical powers. This white fluffy fox resting in the forest is enchanting to say the least. The fox-shaped fragrance pellet is placed in a bell jar with preserved flowers; a beautiful fox lover gift!


14. Glow-in-the-dark Fox Necklace

Don’t forget the fox is a wild animal. We hope they’ll always keep their wild, curious nature running and playing in the forests!


We love all these things about the fox! Spread the fox love and share this article!

Foxes and cuddly animals

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