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How to Engage Your Social Media Fans to Increase Sales on Pinkoi

Pinkoi is Asia's leading marketplace for buying and selling independent design. Discover beautiful design products to decorate your lifestyle. Whether you're buying for yourself or someone special, Pinkoi is the ultimate gift shop for buying unique presents!

Believe it or not, social media can help you run a successful Pinkoi shop. By utilizing your own social media, new and existing fans can check out products from your Pinkoi shop while still hanging out on Facebook. 

Along with tips from June, our Pinkoi social media manager for years, we’ve summarized essential Facebook integration tools and tips on what you can do to boost your Pinkoi shop’s traffic and sales through social media! 


1. Think about the relationship between your social media and your Pinkoi shop.

Being an online brand means you have a Pinkoi shop, a Facebook page, an Instagram account… maybe even more. The easier it is for people to navigate from your social media to your shop, the deeper they will experience the multiple faces of your brand’s personality. From June’s observation, Pinkoi shops that successfully utilize social media have a few things in common:

They attract their “tribe” by highlighting the personality of their products, designers, and creativity. They interact with fans through many things, from sketches to thoughts and ideas—most importantly, they interact with fans like with friends.


2. Tool #1: Integrate your Pinkoi shop to Facebook

Connecting your shop and your Facebook is only one click away. Go to your Shop Manager Marketing Tools and “Embed Shop to FB” (remember to do it under Chrome). Then, your Pinkoi shop will be embedded in a Facebook page tab! You can even include promotion information on the banner to attract both Pinkoi and Facebook visitors.


The best part is when Facebook fans browse your page or when you get new fans, they can discover your products or even purchase them right away—right here on your Facebook page. This is highly recommended for every shop!


3. Tool #2: Sync customer reviews to Facebook

The other 1-click tip to help your sales is social media sharing: automatically sharing customer reviews on your Facebook page. For brand owners who are too busy to schedule daily Facebook posts, this is a good way to keep your fans engaged and remember you.

Christy Studio


Nowadays, everyone reads reviews before buying, or even buys something just because of good reviews! If you enable automatic review posting, you can effortlessly spread the the word when customers post positive reviews!


4. Is there any benefit to be active on Facebook and interact with Pinkoi’s official Facebook page?

Pinkoi Facebook is a major channel for fans to discover design products, and it can be a platform to connect you with your potential customers.

Being visible on Facebook means that your potential fans/customers can interact directly with you. For example, sometimes Pinkoi Facebook fans have questions about a product that we featured. When the designer is tagged and jumps in to reply, it builds trust and connection.


5. What increases my chance of being visible on Pinkoi’s social media?

Here are 2 tips on how Pinkoi’s official Facebook can help with your shop: product photography and product description.

The products that make it into our social media usually have product photos that include a theme or context, or can effectively communicate brand values.

Also, products that have interesting or practical product description have a good chance of being featured. For example, instead of only listing specs and materials, Katji includes detailed care instructions for canvas bags in their product description. Descriptions like this give us inspirations and makes good conversation starters on social media.


6. Drop your Pinkoi Zine features on Facebook

If you ever get featured on the Pinkoi homepage or on Pinkoi Zine, share and post it on Facebook! You should receive an email when you are featured.

Pure Cute


Because this also increases the chance of fans seeing your products and becoming aware of your Pinkoi shop when they are not looking for it. Instead, they are listening to how you feel, what you’re sharing, or what Pinkoi Zine has written about you.


7. Add #Pinkoi tags and campaign tags on your social posts

Last but not least, remember to add useful tags like #Pinkoi and #PinkoiNews so our growing community of Pinkoi fans can discover your brand even if they don’t know you yet!


Let’s get your social media ready for your Pinkoi shop success!

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