Feeling Unromantic? Consider these Valentines Who Need Your Love Too!

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The more you love, the more love you have to give, and that’s a good reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Even if you are not a fan of rose bouquets and fancy dinners, it’s natural to seek love and connection on this day, and honestly, there are many other things that is worth our love. Take a good look at the people in your community, and the trees and animals around you (or far away)—and have a non-commercial Valentine’s Day sending out more love than you’ve ever imagined!


❀ Tell Mother Earth we love her

Think of the flowers we buy and the tropical vacations we go to on Valentine’s Day—they are gifts from Mother Earth, who really needs our love and attention at the moment. Plant a tree, volunteer at your park, or join campaigns like UK’s For the Love Of to show your love for the Arctic, the coral reefs, and your next vacation destinations.


👯 Love your fellow women!

Extend thoughts to the women not celebrating Valentine’s Day, some by choice, some not. The V-Day movement started on a Valentine’s Day to end violence against women and girls, so take care of fellow single ladies, watch the Vagina Monologue to experience a feminist V-Day is like, or find out about this year’s #1BillionRising revolution campaign and join in.


❤ Share love with the lonely

In the movie “The Lobster,” “Loners” are not anti-social or anti-love—they are a society where being single is not a crime. (Yes, you might be arrested for being single outside of that community.) Valentine’s Day “Loners” aren’t just the singles; they could also be elders who’s lost their spouses, or the abandoned who’s lost health or financial stability. Help out at a nursing home or a youth center, or give away anonymous cards and roses to the homeless.


♜ Give someone a family

Include a furry member in your family planning! Across the US, adoption events are common in the week of Valentine’s Day. And across the world, stray animals and endangered wildlife are big issues. Visit an animal shelter to finally bring that puppy home, volunteer and cuddle with bunnies, or adopt a polar bear with WWF (you can even make it a gift)!


Now, that’s a lot of Valentine’s to give out. Whatever the plans, expand your heart with lots of love!

What to do on Valentine’s Day

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