Ready for Holiday Sales? 4 Holiday Styles for your Product Photos

When does Christmas season start? When you say so! Being a brand owner, you tell your fans when you are beginning to think about the winter holidays, with new holiday style photos!

Taking new photos for the same products might really feel like work, but they can make a difference for your shop. That’s why we’re sharing with you very doable styling ideas for 4 types of holiday photos! From white Christmas, homey cottage, quirky to refreshing, one of these holiday visual styles are sure to fit your brand.


1. White Christmas

Photo: Cloud Jewelry

A white Christmas is the ultimate holiday scenery that captures our heart. Believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to prepare for this style! Just get these three things: snow spray, two cardboards, and some pinecones.


Prepare these props:

 ● Pinecones
 ● 2 cardboards
 ● Spray snow


How to shoot this style:
Spray snow evenly on the cardboards from about 4 inches away. Position one vertically as the background, and lay the other flat as if it’s the snowy ground. Add a few pinecones, and you have a snowy winter wonderland!

✍ Tip
Spray a bit more unevenly on the flat cardboard to create varying depths on the snowy grounds.


2. Cottage style

Photo: Minibobi

Deep-colored wooden furniture, cozy knit patterns, crackling fireplace and glowing candlelight… staying in in a cozy cottage is a completely different aesthetic from the white Christmas outside. This cozy style works especially well for home goods, accessories and handmade crafts.


Prepare these props:

 ● Cotton and baby’s breath stems
 ● Fabric tablecloth
 ● Wooden cutting board


How to shoot this style:
We used a tartan plaid tablecloth in festive red and green colors, and added cozy cotton and baby’s breath stalks to the theme. Everything in here warms you up!

✍ Tip
Any wooden table surface can serve as a cozy backdrop for the cottage style. Test it out with wooden materials in different shades and grains—you’ll come up with some different styles!


3. Quirky red and green style

Photo: Never Too Late

Color blocking can create a strong, playful style that enhances the details of jewelry and accessories. Use foamcore easily accessible at craft supplies stores and contrast red and green for a upbeat Christmas style. 

Prepare these props:

 ● Red and green cardboards
 ● Colorful foam shapes


How to shoot this style:
Place the red and green cardboards next to each other, and lay out small foam shapes around the products. It’s like confetti for the holidays!

✍ Tip
You can also cut foam in the shapes that works better for you!

Also, lay out the cardboards in different orientations. This layout creates a different visual from the last!


4. Light and airy style

Photo: Cathy

Yet another style is to keep it light and airy. Perhaps your product already has a strong Christmas theme, or you want the Christmas association to be subtle; use dried flowers in warm but muted tones like baby’s breath can create a refreshing holiday style.

Prepare these props:

 ● Dried flower wreath
 ● Baby’s breath stems
 ● Wooden surface


How to shoot this style:
Let the textures of the wooden surface and dried flowers bounce off each others. A flash of baby’s breath will light up the heavier tone of wooden materials and introduce a dash of airiness.


See? Holiday photography doesn’t need to be all green and red, and it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Using these accessible props, you can create new holiday themed photos for your shop with relatively little effort. Do you also have smart holiday photo hacks you’d like to share? Comment and share with the designer community!

Get your product photos ready for holiday shoppers!

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