The Most Popular 2018 Indie Asian Planners from Taiwan, Japan & Korea

I need weekly spreads plus a day per page, B6 size that fits in my shoulder bag, a simple design that’s office-friendly, but with some personality that hints I’m a cat lover.

We know, we know. This is why the search for the 2018 planner can be hard, even with the countless indie Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese planners at hand. So let the web tell us what their favorite 2018 planners are!

Listed from light and compact to thick and sturdy, here are some of the most popular planners that’ll meet your 2018 planner needs.

♥ Quick little sizing index:

A5 is book-sized, easy to lay flat and write on. (14.8 x 21 cm)
B6 a bit smaller than A5, easier to toss in your shoulder bag. (13 x 19 cm)
A6 is a pamphlet size that you can flip and hold with one hand. (10.5 x 14.8 cm)


1. (B6) My Little Book is so pretty!

My Little Book Full Color Planner

My Little Book is an undated monthly and weekly planner with playful full-color printed pages and a matte pvc jacket, designed by an illustrator. You can also buy a set of two, for you and for your BFF.

Pages: 96p
Thickness: 1 cm (179g)
Size: B6 (13 x 19 cm)
Brand: Taiwanese planner brand and illustrator Wwiinngg

My Little Book Full Color Planner


2. (B6) Daifuku 2018 Monthly Planner is perfect for the shiba inu lover

Shiba Inu Daifuku 2018 Monthly Planner

This is a lightweight monthly planner with lunar cycles, memo pages and—this is what matters—photo prints of Daifuku the shiba inu! From the shiba zakka store Daifuku Shop, this is an early new year’s greeting to a new year filled with smiles and fortune (essentially what daifuku means).

Thickness: 0.6 cm
Size: B6 (13 x 19 cm)
Brand: Japanese shiba inu merchandise brand Daifuku Shop


3. Vintage A5 Hardcover 2018 Monthly Planner will satisfy the pickiest designer

Red Fabric Cover Hardcover 2018 Monthly Planner

This journal from stationery and paper developer brand Leatai is a dated monthly planner with mostly ruled pages, hardbound with fountain-pen friendly Taiwanese Mui Kai paper.

Pages: 160p
Thickness: 1 cm
Paper: 80g paper
Size: A5
Brand: Taiwanese planner brand Leatai


4. (A6) 2018 Kagura Weekly Techo is a palm-sized blank canvas for you and Asitano’s to customize

Customizable 2018 Kagura Weekly Techo Planner

From fabric and paper artist Asitano Techo’s growing line of handmade planners, the Kagura Weekly also has tons of free customization options, from local holidays and calendar ranges to cover and bookmark designs to your choice of ruled or grid pages. Check out Asitano’s tenugui designs to inspire your own planner cover!

Thickness: 1 cm
Size: 10 x 17 cm, a bit slimmer than the pamphlet-sized A6.
Brand: Japanese planner brand Asitano Techo


5. (B6) Ardium Dated 2018 Light Planner has roomy 2 days per page layouts

Polar Bear B6 Ardium Dated 2018 Light Planner

The Light Planner has monthly plans and 2 days per page layouts. Choose from Ardium’s adorable prints or office-friendly faux leather solid covers. Check out the Monthly Planners that don’t have the daily layouts, or the undated Daily Planners that has detailed daily schedules per page.

Pages: 160p
Thickness: 1.5 cm (278 g)
Size: B6 (13 x 19 cm)
Brand: Korean planner brand Ardium


6. (B6) Stationery Fox Dated 2018 Planner has the highest fox density in a planner

B6 Stationery Fox Dated 2018 Planner

This planner is a treat for those who love foxes and colored pencil illustrations! It is filled with Hello Studio’s signature fox illustrations, including a colorful fox horoscope contacts page, as well as a free fox washi sticker sheet! The paper is fountain pen-friendly too.

Pages: 160p
Thickness: 1.2 cm
Size: B6 (13 x 18.7 cm)
Paper: 80g paper
Brand: Taiwanese brand Hello Studio in collaboration with Dimanche


7. (B6) Hello Jenny Gracebell Planner is your spiritual companion for the new year

B6 Yellow Illustrated Hello Jenny Gracebell Planner

This Gracebell undated planner has mostly weekly layouts with the biggest space for Sundays, as well as pages for bible reading plans. It also has coloring and meditation pages exclusive to the Hello Jenny planner!

Pages: 208p
Thickness: 1.2 cm
Size: B6 (12.6 x 18 cm)
Paper: 100g paper
Brand: Korean planner brand Gracebell


8. (A5) Pull-out Bachuan Paper 2018 Planner is great for thinking, scheduling and project planning

A5 Pull-out Bachuan Paper 2018 Planner

Stationery brand W2 Design is always up-to-date with the newest workspace and writing habits, and this planner is another good example. The A5 size is designed for thinking and writing at the desk, pull-out calendars make scheduling easy, and project layouts separate details from goals.

Pages: 296p
Size: 13.5 x 21 cm, slightly slimmer than A5
Paper: Fountain pen-friendly Bachuan paper
Brand: Taiwanese planner brand W2 Design


Picking a planner is a big deal and that’s why we shop around until the last minute, but the clock is ticking! Choose your 2018 planner once and for all, and let the 2018 big dreams begin!

Get ready for new beginnings!

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