How to Work with the Moon and Manifest Life Goals

Wish upon a star, but let the moon help you! The new moon on Saturday marks the beginning of a moon cycle, the time to set a goal you want to work on this lunar month. Manifesting with the moon means using the energy of moon phases to help you focus on different parts of the goal. This means every night, the moon will change a little to remind you where you are; and that every 28 days, you can start fresh! Here’s how to sync your efforts with the moon!


1. Set your intentions on the dark moon

Before it peeks out as the new moon, the moon is dark in the shadows for a day or two. At this time, think about what you want to manifest in the coming month—anything from getting your brand off the ground to simply becoming more positive. Then, organize your thoughts into one sentence that you can come back to this month.


2. Take action during waxing moon

As the moon grows bigger, its influence increases too! Imagine the moon pulling resources together for you. Take actions, plant seeds, and visualize the best outcome you want to see when the full moon comes. Spread your ideas, ask for help, build prototypes, and take the practical little steps!


3. See and acknowledge on the full moon

Everything comes into fruition on the full moon! At the midpoint of the cycle, fully acknowledge your efforts and the outcomes. The baby steps in the past two weeks are meaningful, and now is the time to observe what actually happened. (Here are some moony notebooks to inspire you.)


4. Reflect and release during waning moon

The time for the moon to disappear is as long as it takes to grow full. Working with the moon cycle means that letting go takes as much time as building things! After the full moon, reflect on your habits, and release thoughts, patterns and relationships that did not help you manifest. Before the moon turns dark, clear your mental clutter and be confident to start another month of dreams and action!


While new year resolutions (where did that list go, anyway?) sets huge and distant goals, moon cycles gently pushes you to take baby steps! Try working with the moon for something you want, and let us know how it goes!

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Text: Melissa

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