8 Basic Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love with Peach Blossom Luck

You’ve already tried love tarot and read the horoscopes for 2018. Since Valentine’s Day coincides with Chinese New Year in 2018, let’s learn how to attract more romance into your life using feng shui and Chinese peach blossoms!

Violet and pink toned Cuty Peach Love Glass Pendant

Cuty Peach Love Glass Pendant

Around this time of year, you might start to see peach blossom branches a lot, especially at Chinese New Year flower markets. Aside from being a sign of spring, peach blossoms or “taohua” in Chinese are also a symbol for romantic relationships in Chinese culture and feng shui. Listed below are a few of our favorite feng shui tips that you can apply to your decorations and accessories to help attract more romance into your life!


1. Put up peach blossom luck couplets. Also, bring home a blossom branch from the Chinese New Year market!

Find a couplet with “peach blossom” directly written on it.

Peach Blossom Luck Couplets Leather Peach Blossom Branch

Peach Blossom Luck Couplets | Leather Peach Blossom Branch


2. When you go out, wear peach blossom accessories or accessories in their color.

The color of peach blossoms makes you confident and playful. Color plays a big part in feng shui, as well as in psychology.

Silk Peachy Dragonfly Wings Earrings

Silk Peachy Dragonfly Wings Earrings


Add a spritz of flirty florals.

Fuchsia In Love Eau de Toilette on the grass

In Love Eau de Toilette


3. Find your Chinese zodiac sign to identify your lucky direction for love.

Ceramic Chinese Twelve Animals Zodiac Ornaments

Ceramic Zodiac Ornaments

The following are the auspicious “peach blossom luck” directions for each Chinese zodiac sign that are sure to bring you romance!

Rabbit, Sheep or Boar: North
Ox, Rooster or Snake: South
Tiger, Horse or Dog: East
Rat, Dragon or Monkey: West


4. Put “peach blossom luck” items in the lucky direction of your bedroom.

Rose Quartz Orgonite for the home

Rose Quartz Orgonite

Some universally lucky items include rose quartz or a single fresh flower bouquet—No more than one bouquet, as too many flowers mean distractions!
It’s also said that things will work out favorably for a relationship if you sit in this direction while meeting someone.


5. Keep this direction of the room clean and uncluttered, placing only pleasant objects there.

A basic concept in feng shui, this keeps the “qi” or energy flowing.

Rose Quartz Column Candle Holder

Rose Quartz Candle Holder


6. Having pairs of decorations is a good idea.

Porcelain Koi Fish Pendants

Porcelain Koi Fish Pendant

Pairs of decorations, such as a pair of lovebirds or koi fish, bring in happiness and stability. Singularity is not what we want! So take down any photos of only yourself as well.


7. Consider a peony decoration.

Pink and Yellow Carved Peony Soap

Peony Soap

Peonies are a symbol of nobility and good fortune. According to feng shui, having a peony print in the “peach blossom luck” direction of your bedroom invites a proper, suitable love interest into your life.


8. If you’re wearing a rose quartz bracelet, wear it on your left wrist.

Senora Rose Quartz and Gemstones Bracelet

Senora Rose Quartz Bracelet

As a general rule of thumb, wear crystals on your left wrist to attract something, and on your right to let go of something (such as someone you’re not interested in).


Of course, you can just wear a bracelet in the right peach blossom color that makes you happy!

Elbraza Pink and Peach Woven Tie the Knot Bracelet

Elbraza Tie the Knot Bracelet

Feng shui and “peach blossom luck” can be complicated, but these tips should be enough to get you started and help you to discover some new perspectives on love. May your romance bloom!

Sealed dried fuchsia rose ornament

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