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Luna Love: Don’t Miss these Fantastic Views of the Moon!

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From blood moons to supermoons, it’s clear more and more of us are giving the moon credit for what she’s always been doing: rotating and doing her cycles. The fascination has existed for thousands of years, hence the Moon Festival, but in different times, luna love unleashes so much creativity. Here’s why we love the beautiful lunar faces/phases!  


Love your imperfections

Half Moon Holder from Succulent Plants Studio

With all your craters and holes, you are still our one and only! This moon-shaped holder can be a planter, a catchall, or a heavenly body on your desk.


Love you full

Ceramic Coaster from Project Star

Full size looks awesome on the moon goddess—and means union and harmony for us!


Love you in crescent

Silver Ring from Cloud Jewelry

When you give us a little smile up in the night sky, it make us want to dance under your light!  


Love you as you change

Brass Earrings from Viva Viva Jewel

Here’s our tribute to you in golden brass that becomes more beautiful as time goes by.


Love your extended family

Moon Phase Calendar from Toast/Omelette

We know you’re in Pisces this full moon, and we care about your relationship with the sun. You always have a spot on our calendar!


Love your every shade

Light Clay Necklace from Never Too Late

Yellow, gray, orange or white? Your rocky gray skin and gentle yellow light goes together great!


Love your every phase

Japanese Doorway Curtain from Fasti Natural Dyes

From darkness into full light, from waxing to waning, you teach us to go with the flow and never give up!


Starry skies and full moon nights

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Text: Melissa

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