Summer is Here! Is Your Phone Dressed for Summer Vacation?

Oh yes, summer is coming! As you get ready for the beach, your phone is pleading for a summer makeover so it can look just as good as you in that new summer dress! Check out these beachy cases with transparent shells and bright-colored hues—they will complete your summer vacation ensemble!


Swimming Girl from Canigrin

White corals and ocean waves painted on translucent case makes you want to turn into a mermaid and dive into a dreamy summer vacation.

★ Translucent shell
★ Customizable for most phones


Ocean World from G Diandian

“If I can live in the sea, then I will never worry again”. Light and carefree—that’s how we want to feel in summer! G Diandian illustrations are all about the little sentiments in life.

★ iPhone 6 transparent hard shell
★ iPhone 7 transparent soft shell


Summer Cat from Everything Made by FK

She wants fabulous! Don’t forget to pack hot pink bikinis, heart-shaped sunglasses and bling!

★ Soft silicone and synthetic fur
★ iPhone and Samsung phones


Summer Collection from Natthaya 

Wear a floppy hat, a maxi dress and splashes of vibrant colors. To which beach will you take your classic summer look?

★ Matte hard case
★ iPhone and Samsung phones


I Like You from Paulina Paulinum

Iced fruit tea for two! Sweet and tart, like our summer romance.

★ Soft TPU plastic case
★ Customizable for most phones


Nautical from Anglers Case 

After a lazy afternoon on the sandy beach, let’s go on the boardwalk to the lighthouse and watch the sailboats swing.

★ Synthetic leather with magnetic closure
★ Customizable for most phones


Stardust Series II from Chuckling 

It’s time to plan for the evening. How about stargazing right here on the beach? The perfect summer night should be spent outside.

★ Hard and soft TPU case
★ Customizable for most phones


Summer Marine from Wach Works

Cobalt blue, seashell white or pineapple yellow? Summer accessories are all about the colors!

★ PU resin and plastic case
iPhone and Android phones


Bring your favorite summer vibe with you on the phone!

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Text: Melissa

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