Designed in Malaysia: 8 Things to Buy Online from Malaysian Brands

Colorful crafts, diverse cultures, big malls, markets and online shopping… Shopping in Malaysia is a lot of fun, but with so many options, sometimes it can be hard to discover the emerging local makers and independent design brands.

The Lepak Game (Malaysian inside jokes included!)

We searched around, and unearthed for you some of the best items to buy Malaysian indie, from handmade jewelry, functional bags and indie stationery, to crafts and dolls and even original design phone cases. You don’t want to miss out on these!


1. Earrings and necklace

Fuschia & Turquoise Earrings from Tis & Tat Atelier

From ethnic influences to cute animals to mixed media, there are always enjoyable elements of surprise in these jewelry and accessories.


▼ Pink Alpaca Necklace from Peek & Boo


Simple Punk Earrings from Yokekei


Statement Cloris Earrings from Gung

Statement Cloris Earrings from Malaysian brand Gung

There’s even embroidery earrings—just keep reading!


2. Arts & illustrations

Fantascene Postcard from Loka Made Illustration

Just as Loka Made declares, art and illustration gives “a different perspective on local elements through our own twist of fantasy and creative imagination. ” From realistic to abstract, Malaysia cityscapes to picture-book arts, and from prints to products, these Malaysian illustrations are eye candies that feeds our curiosity.


Baby Troll illustration Pillow from Raksasa


Horse Illustration Matte Button from Minifanfan


▼ Rojak One Dozen Series Postcard from Miss Banana Doodle


Hand-painted Necklace from Chew ‘N’ Giam


3. Original design phone case

Anak Malaysia Pressed Flower Phone Case from August Handcraft

With pressed flowers and illustrations, each handmade phone cases are one of a kind. The versatile dried flower designs at August Handcraft are as cute, dreamy or sophisticated as you like. At Mr. Rabbit, two girls with different illustration styles brought together quirky and pretty.


Miscanthus Phone Case from August Handcraft


Fox and the Grapes Phone Case from Mr. Rabbit


Vintage Calendar Customized Phone Case from Miss Banana Doodle


4. Kids and Baby clothing

Headband from Loulou

Focusing on comfort and style, kids and baby clothing brands in Malaysia have a wide variety of quality breathable fabric and creative designs that kids love to run around in and adults love to watch!


Baby Turban and Kimono from Haha No Yume


Cowboy Hat and Blankie Bib from Homycat


5. Bags

Messenger Bag from Harns

The popularity of Malaysian bag brands is one sign that young people are out and about ruling the world! Made with utilitarian materials, smart folds and pockets, as well as interesting sizes and shapes, these bags are made for (dare we say) everything between school, shopping, and the outdoors.


Sabre Holder from Greenroom136


▼ Tanya in Cognac Bag from Christy Studio


Eco Cork Bag from Janice Design


Leather Passport Sleeve from Fourjei


6. Fabric crafts & embroidery

Daisy Embroidery Kraft Paper Wallet from Cha-Mi

Fabrics and embroidery give the home a warm, cozy touch. In these Malaysian brands, the craft is taken a step further into fashion, creating these zakka jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, and other accessories.


Mini Book Necklace from TineTine


Knitted Embroidery Flower Pin from Takos Embroidery


7. Handmade Dolls

Pink Hair Lady from Itchee Hand

Do kids still play with dolls nowadays? We believe kids still need dolls! These doll makers are keeping the craft of handmade dolls alive. With every doll in a child’s hand, a happy, innocent memory will stay with him/her in the many years to come.


Customized Wedding Couple Doll from Itchee Hand


Handmade Felt Dolls from Little Poupees


Handmade Cloud Lamb Dolls from Pandaeye


8. Stationery

Handbound Hardcover Book from Chapter and Star

Can you ever have too much stationery? Never! We love checking out stationery from every corner in the world. From letterpress prints to handbound books to marble dyes, these paper goods from Malaysian stationery brands will make any collector drool!


Traveler’s Notebook Cover from PapergeekCo


Handmade Marble Notebook from We Are Hooey


Mini Traveler’s Notebook Keychain from 1992Version

We had to add this—Mini Traveler’s Notebook charm! It’s the perfect accessory for your TN planner.


Aren’t these fantastic? Other than jewelry, bags, tech accessories and stationery, don’t forget there are also top clothing brands from Malaysia and Singapore to check out!


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