Nature Lover Pis Saro's Botanical Watercolor Tattoos

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Between rowdy black totems and high-contrast illustrations, Pis Saro’s watercolor tattoos are like soft petals falling on a rough playing field. Without the usual dark outlines, her refreshing watercolor tattoos of leaves, flowers and fern stems appear smooth and ethereal, like real botanicals lain on the skin.


If you think tattoos are always wild and intense, Pis Saro will open up a new world for you! Inspired by nature’s details and watercolor techniques, the Russian tattoo artist created a feminine style for those who seek the tender touch of nature on the skin.

Fascinated by nature and how things grow, Pis Saro started drawing botanical tattoos—anything from a single petal to a budding sprout can pique her curiosity.

As a traveler, she also picks up inspiration from the gardens and sceneries in the cities she travels to. You might spot the beauty of the seasons as she gathers materials in real-time, turning nature into long-lasting tattoos.


Better yet, Pis Saro also makes temporary tattoo versions of her art, so you can enjoy the beautiful drawings without worrying about the pain of inking or removing!

Do these elegant and ethereal tattoos get you itching for one, too?


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