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Color of the Week | Green & Emerald

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Green is not an easy color to master in fashion, but it’s a challenge worth trying! From sprouting gardens to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, March is bursting with green. It’s a happy color and transits beautifully into Greenery and teal shades—perfect for spring.


Glitter Globe Ring from AUYU

It’s not spring if you haven’t headed out for some fun under the sun. Bring on the glitters and you’re ready to march off to the St. Patrick’s Day parade!


Green Collage Socks from Alternative Texture

Socks are the new tie! This whimsical print is like a scientist getting drunk with an artist. Whoever we're getting beer with, the purpose is to kick off the boots and show off these socks!  


Green Cocoon Tunic from CLOTHPOINT

Wrap yourself in green then spread your wings and fly!


Backpack from Quote Studio

This waterproof canvas backpack is outdoor-ready! The only color-matching on your mind should be the blue sky and green waters.


Crisis T-shirt from View Finder

This eerie t-shirt can be a real conversation starter. Remember to wear protective clothing for this journey to a disaster area called Nuclear 5. 


Woodland Tote from Lyla Design

Pack a picnic and a book of Irish tales of fairies and animals.


Shiny Prairie Pendent from Yinke

The dreamy affect of these sequins make us feel as if we are sitting on a warm day's grass, gazing into the Lake of Shing Waters. 


Enjoy the many shades of green around us!

Brighten up with green

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