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Clouds are floating in the sky, lily-of-the-valleys are in bloom… what a perfect time to relax and daydream! Take a break from the screen, discover your surroundings, and you’ll notice the many beautiful shades of white existing in the natural world!


Cloud White

Cloud Pillow from Bon Bon Handmade

If we could fly, the first thing we’d do would be taking a nap on the clouds! Airy cirrus clouds, puffy cumulus clouds—let’s try them all.


Pearl White

Pearl Necklace from Cheng Jewelry

When we were young, pearls seemed suitable only for moms. Now we know why: Mom’s kindness and wisdom is just like the soft glow of pearls gained from time and experience.


Linen White

Cloud Bridge Dress from Wednesday Child

Not so long ago, our skin has a close relationship with natural materials. White doesn’t need to be all glossy; the rough fibered texture is just as beautiful!


Lily White

Miniature Calla Lily from Sweet Frog

Pure and noble, a single stem of calla lily dramatically brings out the feminine beauty! Let it light up your desk and remind you to hold your head high, no matter what!


Marble White

Marble Cross Sandles from Thara

Before marble belonged in buildings, it belonged to the land and mountains. Here’s a pair to support your wanderlust and step out into the world!


Cotton White

Cotton Brooch Set from Therese Garden

Soft and puffy cotton need a lot of sunlight to grow, and makes an earthy boutonniere alternative for a nature-loving couple!


Create some white space in life, slow down, and remember to take a breath of fresh air whenever you can!

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