Thinking of Traveling Solo? Let 4 Female Solo Travelers Tell You How

Why do we need to travel solo at least once in our lifetime? It takes us out of our comfort zones, helps us become stronger people, and allows us to take in the beauties of the world. Women are often told it’s risky to travel alone because of our gender, making many adventurous spirits hesitant to travel alone.  

Today, we’ve invited four ladies at Pinkoi who enjoy exploring on their own to share with us their knowledge. If you’re thinking of going on a solo trip, perhaps they have the advice you need.


Kame from Product Team:

Life is too short, I have to live out a good story of my own.

▲ I’ve traveled to Bangkok alone before, and went on working holidays in Japan a couple years ago. As for Taiwan, I love going to the east coast like Hualien.


Why did you choose to travel solo?

I guess because of my personality. I’m not particularly good at hanging out with people, so I can’t help but keep some time all to myself. But what really drives me to travel alone is actually quite simple: to go somewhere I’ve never been, and look at scenes I’ve never seen. After all, life is too short, I have to live out a good story of my own.

▲ Me and my little scooter go trotting around Hokkaido.


What are some tips for female solo travelers?

  • Get your Google Maps ready! My biggest fear is getting lost in a foreign country, and if you have the same concern, then you need to get your offline maps ready.
  • Bring as little luggage as you can. I know we can’t resist bringing along skincare and makeup, but these are often the heaviest objects in your luggage. So don’t overestimate your muscles, because you’ll be really tired!
  • Make good use of ziplocks and S-shape hooks. Instead of buying small bags to compartmentalize your belongings, ziplocks are light and you can see what you have inside easily. As for S-shape hoos, when you go to the restroom and no one can watch your valuables, they will do the job for you!  

Transparent bag | Q-hook


Gale from Localization Team:

You don’t need a guy to break your heart in order to go on an adventure by yourself! 

▲ I traveled alone in Copenhagen, Denmark and Enschede, Netherlands.


What is the most memorable part of your solo trip?

Meeting a Danish girl with a huge dog on the train.

It took almost 21 hours to travel by train from Austria to Denmark with 6 transfers. On one of the trains heading to Hamburg, I noticed a girl sitting next to me with a huge dog. She pulled out a plastic bag and dumped some bones on the floor for her dog. I got curious and asked what kind of dog it was.

We clicked and the conversation went on from there—it turned out the girl, Rose, was studying in Vienna and was traveling home to Denmark. For the rest of the ride, we kept talking and got to know each other more. When the train arrived in Denmark, Rose left me her contact information and invited me over to her house in Vienna to cook Thai food!

▲ Europe is big, but their dogs are even bigger!


What are some tips for female solo travelers?

  • Always keep your passport, money, credit cards, and mobile phone with you. If you are staying at a hostel or in a room with many others, put those things under the pillow while sleeping.
  • Rail Planner app. It’s a great app to check train schedules and routes in Europe. You simply type in the destination and the traveling timetables will show up. This app works offline too!
  • Always lock your bag wherever you go. I remember in Vienna while I was waiting for the metro with a friend, she told me proudly, “Vienna is the safest place in the world!” Then just as the metro arrived and the door closed behind us, she realized her bag was pickpocketed...So always keep your bag locked!
  • Stay alert, keep your eyes open wherever you go. I also always carry a Swiss army knife with me, haha!

RucksackPassport case


Melissa from Content Team:

Traveling solo empowers me, and helps me find a balance between being romantic and practical.

▲ I traveled alone in Portugal, Ireland, and several cities in the US.


What’s the best thing about traveling alone?

It’s liberating and peaceful.

Most people have a lot of opinions when it comes to females traveling solo, but those comments have nothing to do with you. When you make your own adventures, those voices will quiet down in your head, and you will begin to travel however you like and gain inner peace.

Solo traveling brings me power. Although it can be risky and sometimes tricky, I do it because I want to. When I move past the barriers, I would find a balance between being romantic and practical.

▲ A local tour guide I met in Ireland, who’s passionate about geology and spirituality.


What are some tips for female solo travelers?

  • Do your homework. I don’t mean to learn about the sites you’re going to visit, but to check all the useful information that would affect your day-to-day. Such as; where the closest shop is around your stay, how can you take out cash from ATMs when you have to, what are some precautions to ensure your safety… etc. When you start learning about the city’s life, you will blend in easier too.
  • Blend in with the locals. One easy way to blend in is dress accordingly! Also, learn to walk with confidence, have a general outline of where you’re going instead of stopping every minute or two to check the map.
  • Learn to do a proper selfie. Not every stranger knows how to take good pictures, so why not take the time to learn how to photograph yourself? If you like going to scenic place like me, then get creative and use rocks or twigs to help you take a beautiful shot!
  • Invest in light, functional products. Such as, quick-dry towel, quick-dry underwear, anti-theft bags.

Hand-printed towelShoulder bag


Debi from Business Development:

There are so many places waiting to be explored in the world. When you’re ready, just fly!

▲ I traveled alone in Yunnan Province and Aden Scenic Area in China, Chiang Mai in Thailand, Greece, as well as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in Japan.


What are some misconceptions people have towards women traveling alone?

A lot of people might feel if a woman chooses to travel alone, she is choosing to put her life in danger. I agree that traveling alone as a woman has higher risk, and that’s why we need to be fully prepared. I don’t believe, however, that one should blame the woman for bringing it upon herself if something awful happens, because traveling alone doesn’t mean she has chosen to risk her life.


What would you say to women thinking about traveling alone?

Don’t let your fear or the unknown stop you. If you’re unsure whether you’re made for solo traveling, why not start somewhere closer to home? You can take that opportunity to learn about your traveling habits, that way when you go somewhere further, you won’t be afraid!

Everyone has their own way of traveling, the most important thing is to find an enjoyable way for yourself, and allow each trip to nourish your soul.

▲ Situated in Yunnan Province, Lugu Lake is like a mirror holding the sky’s reflection. It’s so clear you can see the seagrass swaying underneath.


What are some tips for female solo travelers?

  • Always stay alert. Even as you stay open to pleasant surprises don’t forget to observe what’s going on around you, and don’t neglect the dangers that could happen.
  • Prepare a universal adaptor. You’ll definitely need to charge your phone and camera on the road. I recommend a universal adaptor that’s also an extension cord including USB sockets—it’s useful and doesn’t take up much space.
  • Bring a large scarf. A scarf is good for shading yourself from the sun, it keeps you cozy like a blanket, it can turn into a cushion or bed sheets, and it can cover up your skin if you go to a religious site.

Circular chargerIndigo dye scarf


Are you inspired by our four Pinkoists to travel solo independently?

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