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Color of the Week | Love & Lavender

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Lavender is an expression of love! When you think of relaxing lavender farms, calming lavender essential oils, and tangy lemon lavender tarts, they all help us slow down and enjoy life more fully. That is the tender message of lavender: let’s fall in love with life!


Purple Sunset Geometry Stickers from Can Herji

In this watercolor sunset, you can pluck the moon and even a few stars.


Hand-dyed Scarf from Fleacise

Surely you have seen lavender creeping up on the newest pastel hair color trends. Why not add to it with a dreamy ombre scarf?


Lavender Hand-carved Plate from Love Thing

It can hold a succulent, a slice of cake, or a memory-filled jewelry. What deserves your love today?


Corsage and Boutonniere from Sunflower Corsage

Along with rose and violets, lavender symbolizes true love and devotion. It’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular wedding color themes.


Brass Triangle Ring from REME

Wear dreamy lavender in geometrics to give an impression of both canny and kind.


Slow Essential Oil Blend from RAAH

Even though its flavor might not be for everyone, lavender is most people’s favorite essential oil for calming and slowing down.


Travel Soap from G’s Life

Relax your muscles, moisturize your skin, and nurture your heart!


Do you feel it? Spring is here!

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