15 Serious, Hilarious & Most Wanted Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $25

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What does it take to find secret santa or white elephant gifts that won’t break the bank? Humor, thoughtfulness, and a bit of search. Luckily, we’ve been doing the search for you. From sweet and desirable to funny to the most sought-after brands, these inexpensive gifts will surely make your crowd tick!


Most sought-after secret santa gift ideas from beloved brands

Comma woodworks, Daughter skincare, Wolf Tea, Grassphere herbals, A Little Lovely Company—with glowing reviews, social buzz and media presence, these beloved brands are Pinkoi classics that won’t go wrong as Christmas gifts!

1. Comma’s Wooden Cat Pile

Comma’s Wooden Cat Pile Stacking Game

Customer reviews and photos of Comma’s Wooden Cat Pile stacking game

A fan stacked 24 of these wooden cats. Can you beat that? A set of 6 smaller cats is $13, so you can multiply. (Above are customer photos from mcosta80, Yuznzhen and yitin!)


2. Daughter skincare’s Toner and Travel Set

Daughter skincare’s Toner in classic white and red packaging

Daughter bestselling skincare set with artist illustration pouch

Great as a toner or a lightweight moisturizer, Daughter’s best-selling toner is back in a larger size!


3. Wolf Tea’s 4 Year Anniversary Biluochun Green Tea Tin

Winter dried leaves around Biluochun Green Tea

Biluochun Green Tea gift in minty green tin

A top pick for anyone who is delighted with great packaging, a great brand story, and great Taiwanese tea, which is currently going through a renaissance.


4. A Little Lovely Company’s Mini Moon Light

A Little Lovely Company’s Mini Moon, Cloud and Star Light

The cutest addition to the children’s room or even the living room that gives a soft glow. It’s BPA- and lead-free PVC, and can be set on a timer.


5. Grassphere’s Herbal Water Packs

Colorful dried fruit packs: Grassphere Herbal Water Packs

The set is a real treat! The 15 custom dried fruit and herbal blends are for making herbal water that’ll wrap you up in refreshing floral and herbal goodness.


Seriously nice white elephant gift ideas to turn friends against each other

Not to brag, but last year, we finally walked away with the laptop sleeve everyone fought for at a white elephant party, after it was “stolen” twice. So, a nice gift is indeed an option for white elephant Christmas parties!

1. Multi-Pocket Laptop Sleeve from ClothSJie

Silver Grey Multi-Pocket Laptop Sleeve

Besides being luxuriously protective, the pockets and scratch and water-resistant features makes this sleeve very desirable, like the one we won!


2. Travel Linen Spray Set from MeowXiang

Travel Linen Spray Set in White Packaging Box

Grapefruit, Wood Sage, Wild BlueBell, Nectarine Blossom and Orange Leaves scents all packed in tiny bottles, and safe for clothing and fabric! Full size sprays in oriental notes available.


3. Marble Tray from ChanZ Studio

Close-up of Rectangular Pink Marble Tray

A stunning 9-inch marble tray in a rare salmon color design, crafted from handmade molds. A gift that carries weight!


4. Ceramic Spoon and Holder from Wednesday

OOAK Handmade Ceramic Spoon and Holder

Eating ice cream with this one-of-a-kind spoon, with a fluffy cloud-shape spoon stand on the side, just thinking about it will send a sweet tooth up to cloud nine. Choose from two color themes: Unicorn and Narwhal.


Novelty white elephant gift ideas to make them laugh

1. Butt vs. Boobs T-shirt from ekoD Works

Butt vs. Boobs T-shirt from ekoD Works

Butt vs. boobs—here’s an combined illusion of both. Which is better? Let them decide.


2. Nose Hair Trimmer from Urbaner

Nose Hair Trimmer in Illustrated Packaging

May those in need receive the nose hair trimmer in their hands.


3. Har Gao (Shrimp Dumplings) Candle from BeCandle

 Har Gao (Shrimp Dumplings) Shaped Candle

Dim sum for brunch! Mmm~who wouldn’t like to wake up to the fragrance of shrimp dumplings? (Psst—the candles don’t actually smell like dumplings, but they don’t have to know!)


4. Corgi Rolling Eyes Umbrella from Cobcod

Corgi Rolling Eyes Umbrella

Corgi Rolling Eyes

Great for when you really have to roll your eyes at someone. Even the corgi had to...


5. Nipple Earrings from Paramecium

Many Nipple Pierce Earrings

FREE THE NIPPLES cuz they’re coming!


6. Pencil Scarf from Mr. Wen

Pencil Scarf

Send them back to elementary school!


Now get your hands on these items and stop worrying about secret santa or white elephant gifts for the rest of the season!

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