Trending Christmas Decorations: Chic Lights, Scented Ornaments & More

We’ve been waiting all year to get our hands on some beautiful fairy lights, and a good thing too, because now we’ve discovered a whole new range of Christmas lights and decorations that’ll create a chic holiday look for the apartment!

Looking for ideas beyond the traditional wreaths and classic Christmas tree ornaments? We found these trendy new decorations people are playing with. Give them a try and give your apartment a refreshing holiday makeover!


Mesmerizing Candles that’ll get you Cuddling and Hygger-ing

Unique Gold Foil Holiday Christmasy Crystal Candle

Irregular crystal shapes, gold foils and reflections, mesmerizing color changes… these holiday candles are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Candly’s clear jelly candles work great for their shooting star effects as well. Cuddle up with these fancy Christmas candles knowing this will be the best Christmas ever!

Unique Gold Foil Holiday Christmasy Crystal Candle

Christmasy Crystal Candle from Thistle


Unique Shooting Star Clear Jelly Candle and Holder

Shooting Star Candle and Holder from Candly


Unique Iceberg Clear Candle

Iceberg Clear Candle from Candly


String Lights Upgrades!

Glowing string lights bring so much warmth and magic into a room. We’ve thought about decorating the fireplace, framing the mirror, creating a bedtime reading nook and mason jars. With these cat themed and Christmas themed lights, it would be a pity not to have guests over every week. What would you do with string lights? Wooden Cat USB String Lights

USB String Lights with Wooden Cat Ornaments

USB String Lights with Wooden Cat Ornaments from Mr. Sheep


USB String Lights with Wooden Christmas Ornaments

USB String Lights with Wooden Christmas Ornaments from Mr. Sheep


Christmas Lights Washi Tape surrounded by fairy lights

Christmas Lights Washi Tape from Ours


Mini Christmas Trees & Alternative Trees

Alternative mini Christmas trees like fir branches in a bottle are making ways to the office, small apartments and focused areas like the Christmas dining table. Pine cones make absolutely adorable mini Christmas trees that are very easy to DIY!

Red Green and White Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Pine Cone Christmas Tree made by Idun Flower


Juniper Mini Christmas Tree

Juniper Mini Christmas Tree from One Flower


DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree

DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree from Wanyi


Holiday Scents that Double as Wreaths and Ornaments

Pinecones and festive Christmas Wreath Fragrance Pellet

Christmas Wreath Fragrance Pellet

Part holiday candle, part Christmas wreath and part Christmas tree ornament, scented pellet is a new variety of essential oils fragrance diffuser that brings holiday scents and looks to your room immediately. It’s another efficient Christmas apartment decor! Sprigs, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and dried flowers… so festive!

Christmas Star Fragrance Pellet

Christmas Star Fragrance Pellet


Holiday Scents Christmas Wreath Pellet

Holiday Scents Christmas Wreath Pellet


Dried Flowers Fragrance Pellet

Dried Flowers Fragrance Pellet


Beyond LED Christmas Lights—More Ambient Lights for Winter!

Blue and Pink Preserved flowers Liquid Bulb Light

Couple Bulb Lights from Orzloft

Have you seen the bioluminescent Dino Pet on the web—the sparkly dinosaur lit up by luminescent planktons? Dino became a gifting hit this year. Fascinated by the glowing Dino, we’re attracted to more shiny effects. Orzloft seals real flowers and their colors in a liquid lighting. Starology’s customizable book lights that open into a fairytale ambient light are perfect as decorations and as Christmas gifts (there’s one for each zodiac!).


Red and Gold Liquid Bulb Light

Water and Fire Liquid Bulb Light from Orzloft


Dreamy cosmic starry night book light

Starry Book Light from Starology


Customized Starry Night Book Light

Customizable Christmas Book Light from Starology


What does your Christmas decoration look like? Are you going with classic, minimalism, or trendy and chic this year?

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Text: Melissa

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