New Semester, New Look: What’s Your Back to School Style?

18 Liter Travel Bag from Liquid Gold

Going back to school means returning to school as a new you. Have you picked up a hobby in the summer—designed some fashion pieces or learned how to deejay? The new school year is your next playground, so get it together and show off your new lifestyle!


♚ If you’re revving up social life

New friends, more friends! Meeting people and trying out new activities make you feel alive, and they’re also what make school “educational.” From the dining hall to team auditions, your days are filled with fun.


Shoulder Bag

The perfect bag is your loyal sidekick. This shoulder bag flowing with pleated chiffon is not just a ladylike statement piece, but also doubles as a casual backpack when you change into sneakers.


Chidori Leather Jacket

A chill, good-natured character makes chidori, leather and wide stripes look good altogether, no fuss. We’re all friends, it’s all good!


♚ If you’re going minimalist

Simple living is your way of going after your dreams. You’re a master of decluttering, take good care of things you own, and have educated yourself about zero waste living. Time and money is always well spent on the things that matter!


Cork Wallet Clutch

Simple living practice #1: own things with maximum practical and spiritual functions. This lightweight cork clutch is earth-friendly, library-friendly and fashion-friendly. Easy does it!


Organic Cotton Shawl

Fall is for layers, and while others rush, you take it easy. Made with organic cotton, the shawl shows off its original undyed colors, just the way you like it.


♚ If you have serious side projects

Some people race against the clock between class, socials and shopping, but you’ve got one serious business. Your book, album or that app is top priority this year. No time to fool around!


App Developer Sketchpad   

Have you got tons of ideas for a new app? Design away on this gridded sketchpad—it will help you show and tell.


Cassette Tape Backpack

This is an easy way to make it clear: I have an 80’s soul and I’m heading straight to the studio!


♚ If you’re making fashion statements

After years of exploring, you know what you’re going for now, whether it’s goals or looks. Mastering your own style is all that matters and nothing’s going to distract you!


Leather Pencil

While others are ditching pen and paper, you’re not one to follow any trend. The matte black stationery (and matching black leather case) spells S-E-R-I-O-U-S!


Plaid Shirt

School calls for clean palettes and predictable plaids, but summer memories are just too good to be hidden.


Excited for school?

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