Corgi Puppies Galore! 20+ Birthday Present Ideas for Corgi-lovers

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Corgi tartan dog leashTartan pattern dog leash

If you can’t imagine a life without corgis (like the Queen), this article is for you! We have selected 25 corgi items, ranging from stationery, accessories to home decor, all to satisfy your passion for corgis!


Corgi Stationery Overload

Getting sick of writing your to-do list for tomorrow? Missing some cuteness on your bullet journal? Let corgis help you out! Here are some corgi planners, holiday cards, even something you can DIY with!

Corgi stickersMini Corgi Stickers | Watercolor Corgi Stickers

Stickers are so easy to use: stick them on your planner if you’ve made a mistake, or stick them on a card for an instant cuteness!


Corgi postcards and cardsSnoozing Corgi Postcard | Watercolor Corgi Butt Postcard

Who’s doesn’t feel like this on Mondays…?


Corgi planners and notebooks2018 Double-sided Corgi Planner | Corgi Prints Notebook

If you’re not a planning type of person, you will surely become one with these corgi puppies to boost you up!


Corgi butt pin DIYDIY Corgi Pin Kit

If you’re looking for a hobby, why not try making your own fuzzy corgi pin?


Operation “Wear-a-Corgi”!

For corgi lovers such as ourselves, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a little corgi prints out and about. We’ve searched high and low for wearable pieces with corgi designs, so you can always show your love every day!

Corgi earrings and studsWooden Corgi Earrings | Corgi Studs

Subtle and adorable, these corgi earrings will definitely brighten up your day.


Corgi butt rings and necklaceCorgi Butt Ring | Corgi Clay Necklace

One of the cutest things about corgis? Their bubble butts!


Corgi clutch and pursesCorgi Canvas Clutch | Corgi Coin Purse

For bigger accessories that are also more useful, look into clutches and purses. They are meant to be show-stoppers, so don’t be shy!


Corgi pinsCorgi Resin Pin |  Corgi Wool Pin

We love this idea: pin a corgi onto your inner pocket for a little peek-a-boo fashion moment.


Corgi phone case and keychainCorgi Eats Ice Cream Phone Case | Wooden Corgi Keychain

You can also decorate your phone or keys with small items like these.


Show Your Corgi Soul in Your Home

If those weren’t enough for you—congratulations, you are a true corgi soul! Bring corgis into your home with coffee cups, clocks, and cookie rollers!

Corgi cookie roller and coffee cupCorgi Cookie Roller | Corgi Coffee Cup

Alright, stop. Corgi cookie rollers? A corgi sitting on the edge of your coffee saucer? We’re sold.


Corgi pillows, corgi cushions, corgi plushSmall Corgi Pillow | Corgi Cushion

Corgis are so cute we want to squeeze them hard until their heads pop! You can do that with a pillow, too.


Corgi clock and corgi wall stickerCustomizable Corgi Clock | Corgi Butt Wall Sticker

A corgi clock definitely adds a unique taste to your space, it’s so corgi-friendly!


Corgi art printsSleeping Corgi Art Print | Suit-Up Corgis Art Print

Putting up some corgi art prints are also a great way to showcase your corgi love!


We’re not going to lie—even we got hooked on corgis after selecting all these star items out for you! Which one is your favorite?


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