Come One, Come All! The Strangest Imaginary Creatures Revealed!

Who’s there hiding out in the kitchen, stealing leftovers and misplacing the utensils?! You can try and ignore them, but the truth is, there are as many mischievous fairies and creatures as humans would like to believe. These designers have caught some of them in the act—let’s take a look at these funny little creatures!


Meet Ruru’s Demon!

Ruru’s Demon is a happy one, probably because it steals strawberries all the time!

Ruru’s Demon is a ketchup artist…

… and a florist who make-do with toothbrushes.


Meet Koneta!

Koneta is a shy, awkward little one who is really curious about the human world.

Koneta’s own world is full of friendship, laughter and play fights.


Meet Hilly!

Hilly’s natural habitat is the human’s table. Over time, they developed the functions of carrying chopsticks and pens.


Meet The Galloping Unicorn!

It is believed that rainbows appear whenever a unicorn gallops through! We hear they especially love running through a storm.


Meet Palim!

Palims are two-faced seed sprites who live among seeds, plants and fruits. Their appetite mysteriously outweigh their size.


Meet Toast Panda!

Under their pancake and toast disguises, they’re really just pandas trying to be yummy.



With a wide grin and wisdom to share, Dustykid is always making new friends!


Meet Acorn!

Every acorn has a pair of eyes, seeking that special someone who sees them too.


Meet Huoshaofeng!

Fiery, passionate Huoshaofeng from Taiwan looks like a devil, but it simply wants to warm you up with love!


Meet Slimey!

While green Slimeys are the celebrities, here you can meet the entire family.


Meet Dancing Mushrooms!

These mushrooms are born to dance, bringing happiness to the gloomy corners of the forest!


Now that you know what they’re up to, you’re going to see these creatures everywhere in your house!

Monsters, creatures and imaginary friends

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