Spook Up Your Home with Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

There are many ways to go for Halloween decorations: cute ghosts and jack-o-lanterns, elegant gothic embellishments, or even ambitious full-size tombstones. Whatever your style is, by this time you should have started decorating. If not, these pretty (we mean creepy) craft ideas are so fun and smart, you might still end up making all of them!


Halloween Trees

Source: Minimalisti

Decorate to your heart’s content with a Halloween tree! Halloween trees are trending right now, which is easy if you dig out the Christmas tree from its grave (ie. your storage) and hang up unpleasant skeletons, twigs and spiderwebs on it. However, we think a gnarly withered tree is much more fun than the pretty cone-shaped fir tree! Make one by twisting together wires, or hunt for fallen branches outdoors and dress them in black.


Black Pumpkin collage

Source: Country Living

Spray your pumpkin in black—whether it’s an easy-to-carve foam pumpkin or a real pumpkin—as a dark night backdrop. Add your collage, such as paper crafts, your curiosity collections, or twigs and moss.


No-carve pumpkins

Source: Country Living

Instead of going through all the carving and cleaning, pull out your sharpies and draw on the designs. The trick is to draw black spooky silhouettes like crows, bats and spiders—which gives an effect of a full moon night instead of the usual Jack-o-lantern faces!


Haunted portraits

Source: Country Living

If you really want to scare your family, create these ghastly reflections. Find a vintage frame or mirror (check your thrift store!), print out your favorite eerie portrait (Photoshop it or scratch the printout to make it look foggy) and fix it in the frame. Make a hallway of ghosts this way.


Black lace everything

Source: Country Living

Go for a gothic ambience and let go of the usual spiders and ghosts with black lace! Find lace ribbons or fabrics from the craft store, paint them black, and wrap them around everything in your home. Well, cylinders like candles and mason jars give the best effect!


Is your house gloomy enough for Halloween?

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