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How far would you go to unlock the mysteries of destiny? For Evelyn, our dedicated customer service team member, tarot is much more than a deck of mystical messages. With a lot of passion and knowledge, she’s here to share her thoughts on mysticism and the tarot!

Evelyn considers herself sensitive, attentive and a little indecisive. She told us, “Most of the astrology information we see are very fractal, mixed with both correct and untrue information. In truth, mysticism is a deep, broad area of knowledge that requires continuous learning.”

I learn because if I can understand astrology and tarot from a broader point of view, I would become better at discerning false information. Astrology is the study of the relationship between the planets and human, and tarot is a tool to read our subconscious. To become skilled at divination, it’s important to be a keen observer who experience life fully so you are attentive to signs and details as well as aware of the big picture.


Why did you want to learn divination?

▲ Shuffle and cut the cards before every reading.

I’ve been interested in mysticism since I was young. There used to be many personality quizzes and horoscopes in magazines and on TV, and I grew up wanting to learn more. I was lucky to meet a great teacher who taught me astrology, tarot and runes. They became my tools to understand myself and face life’s challenges by changing perspectives. Perhaps one day, they can also become my tools to help others—that would be wonderful!


Why is tarot so fascinating?

Tarot is a mirror that reflects your inner world. It is not a supernatural source of power. It is wisdom from mystical studies.

Tarot is fascinating because it interprets the ancient mystics’ philosophies and their reflections on life with a collection of images, symbols, numbers and archetypes. Some people rely their decisions on divination, but tarot provides direction, not decisions. The truth is, you decide your own destiny.

I see tarot decks as my friends, my confidants. Whenever I’m confused, I’ll tell them my troubles and they will patiently respond to my questions, and even point out my blind spots. Isn’t that what friends do?


Tell us about your deck!

The Pictorial Key tarot is my second deck. It’s a Rider-Waite deck, meaning it’s designed according to the system established by Arthur Edward Waite, a member of the Golden Dawn —a well-known occult organization in 19th century England. The deck is rich in colors and full of details and meanings. It’s also very pictorial, which is good for stimulating your intuitions and therefore a very good deck for beginners.

Before using a new deck, we can familiarize ourselves with it with an opening ritual. The opening card for this deck is The Moon, and since the moon symbolizes our subconscious fears, it means this is a strong, receptive deck to help you get in touch with your intuition and gain insights to people’s mind.

Every deck has its own strength and personality: its way of expression is its personality, and the type of questions it’s fitted for is its strength. Just like human beings have different majors and work in different fields, tarot decks do too.


How does tarot affect your life?

Divination is a two-sided sword: it can heal and aid, but it can also hurt and do harm. This reminds me to always watch my words.

▲ Evelyn’s new Tarot of Pagan Cats deck.

My teacher once told me that a card reading not only helps the querent, but also heals the reader. Every person has some blind spots in life, and sometimes understanding others help us reflect upon ourselves. During readings, some words you tell the querent are like words you need to tell yourself and think about.


What questions do your friends ask in a tarot reading?

People’s life problems are pretty similar: relationships, work, travel, emotions, etc. The most commonly asked questions are things like, is the guy interested in me? How should we make up after a fight? How do I get a better career? Or what do I need to watch out for in the next vacation? Things like that.


Is there any story you can share with us about a reading?

Yes! Once I did a reading for my friend about her upcoming trip, and the cards hinted that she might get lost. So I told her, “Getting lost is just part of the journey, and a trip under total control might not be the best one. If something unexpected happens, just change your opinion about it.” After she came back from her trip, I asked if she got lost. She said yes, but getting lost actually taught her how to enjoy traveling with an open mind. Even though her trip wasn’t exactly the way she planned it, it was still fun! Anything that happens is part of the journey.

Another reading was also about traveling. I was planning for a trip with friends half a year in advance, and thought I’d consult the cards for anything to look out for. The cards told me the trip might be canceled! None of us wanted to believe it. But one week later, MERS broke out. We had to cancel our flight tickets.

Man proposes, God disposes. The lesson from tarot is that whatever results you get, learn to accept to be at peace.


Did Evelyn give you something new to think about? Not only did she share some interesting perspective on tarot cards, she’s going to end it with a reading for all of us! From the cards below, choose one card that speaks to you the most, based on your intuition. The card you pick speaks about how your friends see you.

▲ From left to right, the cards are A, B, C, D. Pick one!


A. The Fool

Your friend see you as a brave, good-natured optimist with a kind heart. “There’s nothing to be afraid of!” might be your motto. You live in the moment and delights in a spontaneous trip much more than in a detailed itinerary. You don’t get stuck in your problems for too long—there are few things that a good night’s sleep couldn’t fix!

How to care for yourself: Be more receptive to your friends’ feelings. Think before you speak so that being yourself doesn’t accidentally hurt someone!


B. Queen of Cups

You are a giver, intuitive and sensitive to the environment around you. Your friends see you as a confidant full of positive energy. Sometimes your sensitivity exposes you to a lot of worries, however. Learn to relax and let go when you mind gets frazzled. Try to join the crowd and loosen your grip so that your mind doesn’t swallow you up!

How to care for yourself: When you’re giving more than you’re receiving, remember to put yourself first.


C. Knight of Wands

You are full of actions and don’t back down from challenges. Once you’re set on a goal, nothing can dissuade you. But on your journey to your big dreams, patience is just as important as courage! Your friends see you as genuine and passionate, as well as a natural leader. You life is fast-paced and you try to get the most out of it, but remember to relax and enjoy!

How to care for yourself: Try to shorten your to-do list and give yourself some time to breathe. You might end up achieving more!


D. The High Priestess

You come across as quiet and intellectual, which makes you seem distant to some, but the fact is that you dislike the hustle and know how to enjoy the inner, spiritual world. When it comes to friends, quality beats quantity. You have a deep understanding for life which you couldn’t express in words. You are very observant, often deep in thought and are passionate about the things that interest you.

How to care for yourself: It’s ok to be the quiet one! People who know you well will know you are far from a poker face.


Have fun with Pinkoi!

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Translation: Melissa

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