Dream of Your Own Library? Build One!

You’ve grown your first garden, now you can build your own library! With the help of Little Free Library, you can build one from a kit or design your very own library for the community. Little Free Libraries stand on the sidewalk or front yards, some look like birdhouses, some are made out of old newspaper boxes, and some are tributes to Star Wars and Dr. Who.



Newbie carpenters will have lots of fun buying tools and building a birdhouse post with step-by-step DIY instructions. Then register the library and receive an official charter number!

Instead of giving out library cards, Little Free Libraries are “take a book, return a book” exchanges. You are the first library steward, so put in your favorite novels, fairy tales and how-to books (maybe add a ex libris stamp), and see what other people bring in!


Last but not least, add your library to the Little Free Libraries world map. Perhaps a traveler from another country will visit your library!


What a creative way to light up the streets in spring—grab your art supplies and build a library!


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