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Berayah’s Minimalist Fashion Inspired by Biblical Art

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Founded in April 2013 by Enoch Ho, Berayah is a contemporary fashion label based in Hong Kong. Berayah is a transliteration of the Hebraic word “Baraiah”, meaning “God has created”, and the brand seeks to tell stories via modern womenswear with a unique approach: combining Biblical inspirations with wearable minimalism. Enoch Ho aims to create garments that are not only unique, flattering, but also timeless and rich with tales.



Titled ‘Stations,’ the selection on Pinkoi is the 5th collection of Berayah. It is inspired by a series of paintings from the American artist Barnett Newman, named “The Stations of the Cross: Lema Sabachtani”. Newman, seen today as a major figure in abstract expressionism, went through a period of personal and professional hardship during the 1950s. Shortly after recovering from a heart attack, he began creating this series of paintings, in which he explored the agony of mankind through the comparison of Christ’s pain and outcry on the cross.


The message Enoch Ho wants to deliver by reinterpreting these paintings through his collection is simple and beautiful:

In life there are few things that have a resonance across all mankind, agony being one of the deepest. It is an experience that is shared amongst you and I, regardless of the different pains we go through. As difficult as it is to experience pain, it is the recognition and acceptance that causes healing. Using garments as a canvas, creating visual compositions that expresses our outcries and agonies, we hope to bring an empathy, an understanding, and ultimately a healing to our pains. May your scars not represent your fear, but your courage and strength to overcome.


To interpret Newman’s compositions, Berayah designer resorted to different elements like pleats, colour-blocking or seams for this collection.


In addition to the story each collection seeks to tell, Berayah clothes are systematically inspired by the minimalism and geometric shapes around us: the windows lining up on a building, a bicolor pattern on a wall, a designed interior, a deserted landscape...

Enoch Ho’s works are finished with simple patterns, quality materials, and clean, unmistakeable cuts, as well as special attention to details. In this way, he offers a disciplined but easy-to-wear wardrobe.


Contributor: Berayah

Category: Meet the Makers

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