Easter Bunnies & Sweet Treats for Spring

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In spring we like to indulge in soft colors, cute animals and sweet treats. With Easter in sight, desserts are legit celebrations for this time of year. Set the table with fresh flower bouquets, pull out your bunny home decors and get your sweet tooth ready!



Decorated with nuts and dried fruit in nature-inspired floral patterns, Polish mazurek, a biscuit-like cake, is an Easter staple!


Bunny Earrings from hop n bounce

Any sweets worth eating is worth doing a bunny version. Make Easter bunny biscuits, bunny ear frosting and bunny butt cookies!


Handpainted Serving Plate from Muse Handmade

A round fruit cake topped with marzipan or almond paste makes the traditional Easter dessert, simnel cake. After the holiday, switch decorations from marzipan balls to fresh kiwis and berries!


Gold Cross Cups from Nanohoshi

This year, bake hot cross buns with sweet paste, and remember to share—a shared bun ensures a long-lasting friendship!


Dried Bouquet from Good Day

Top off any sweets (or salads) with edible flowers! Pick up marigolds, pansies and apple blossoms from local organic farms.


Little Lamb Necklace from Ambiguous Pastry

In Russia and Poland, it’s not spring without sugar lambs in the baskets and plaster lambs on the dining table!


We think all these will fit into our tummies. How about you?

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