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5 Natural Herbs to Help you Stay Healthy in Fall

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Autumn Dew Tea from Tea Day

Fall is a good time to stay healthy in a relaxed way! Instead of getting all worked up about body shapes, this is a time to go inwards. The season brings fluctuating temperature and humidity, and natural herbs help prep our bodies against allergies, flus and the colder days to come. Here are the recommended herbs in the west and in Chinese medicine for this season!


Balanced and moisturized! ☺ Almond

While not technically an herb, almond is a Chinese medicine that you can eat and drink. In fall, it’s important to take care of lung health and prevent dryness, according to Chinese medicine. Cooler, moistening foods like almond and lotus roots will help replenish body fluids and resist the inner “dryness” that causes inflammation and digestion problems. Start trying fresh almond milk this season—it’s tasty hot and cold! (Pears are great for similar benefits too!)


Keep up the metabolism! ☺ Hibiscus

Hibiscus, or roselle, is good for fall not only because it’s beneficial year-round, but also because in the season when our organs are getting sluggish, hibiscus helps us maintain a healthy metabolism. And just look at that color—hibiscus tea and jam adds such cheerful purple to your fall harvest!


Better breathing! ☺ Licorice root

Source: Selena N. B. H.

Licorice root is very common everywhere from the Aveda salon to Chinese medicine shops. Remember what we said about lungs? If you’re coughing, have breathing problems, or have no issues and want to stay that way, use licorice root to relieve irritants and soothe your throat. Earthy and sweet, it’s a favorite for cold and asthma cures.


The immune system investment! ☺ Elderflower

Source: Madzik

The long term goal is to stay strong and healthy through winter, so start investing in your immune system now! Elderflower is not just fun and pretty—not only is elderflower cordial one of summer’s favorite drinks, it’s also a powerful herb that soothes the respiratory system, prevents inflammation and all in all, a natural immune system booster.


Brighten up! ☺ Lemongrass

Whether in teas or in appetizing Thai dishes, lemongrass is a friend for the body and soul. It helps with digestion problems as your body functions slow down, and its anti-depression properties make your days seem brighter even as the daylight shortens. Lemongrass aromatherapy works great too!


Take these mild herbs regularly as tea to feel the benefits!

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