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6 Wildlife Design Brands for Serious Animal Lovers

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Do you love wildlife? Menelaus blue morpho, white-throated kingfisher bird, giant salamander… You don’t need to visit Madagascar, go back in time, or even go to Sea World to touch these awesome creatures. Somewhere out there, animal-loving designers have done their homework and brought wildlife alive in artworks and designs.

Whether it’s you or the kids curious about the big world out there, these designs will open your world to satisfy your curiosity!


Discover butterflies at Zi Art.

Look! That is the monarch butterfly, and that is the dead leaf butterfly… Together, the embroidery artists and butterfly experts have made learning the names of butterfly species easier with Zi Art’s vivid colors, fine stitches and intentional designs.

Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly | Monarch Butterfly


Discover Taiwanese Starling at InBlooom.

When you see so many products designed around one particular bird, you become curious and start asking questions. InBlooom will then willingly explain to you that Taiwanese starling is a local bird native to the island, yet facing the destiny of endangered species.

Pillow | Cooler Bag


Discover marine life at My Glück.

Whale Shark

Manta ray, sting ray, hammerhead shark, whale shark, guitarfish, sea slug… all you marine life lovers need to visit the My Glück marine park this summer!

Bowmouth Guitarfish | Manta Ray


Discover evolution at Sou.

Giant Salamander

Do you like living fossils? Sou has prehistoric fish like coelacanth and arowana, and even the Japanese mythological kappa. Keep diving deep into the sea with flounders, Napoleon fish, sunfish, and resurface to plethora of safari and ranch animals.

Dugong | Napoleonfish


Discover endangered species at ty.HSU.

Sumatran Elephant

Protecting lives and protecting the environment has always been a race against time, but the more allies we have, the stronger and more hopeful we feel! With every sketch and every print, Ty.HSU reminds us the little actions we can take to protect animals and save our home.

Giant Armadillo | Pongo


Discover tropical birds at Awei.


Tourists flock to Costa Rica to see toucans and parrots. The beautiful Himalayan monal is the national bird of Nepal. The magnificent frigate birds fly across tropical and subtropical oceans and even pass through Taiwan sometimes. There, you have enough tropical bird knowledge to inspire a vacation!

Himalayan Monal | Frigate Bird


We felt like we’ve gone around the world and a few science museums with these brands! Which animal kingdom will you explore more?

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