What Do Baby Animals Do in Spring?

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Feel young again by following what the baby animals do in spring! Newborn ducklings and bunnies have all the time in the world to explore nature, eat fresh grass and see the world go by with their curious, round eyes. Us grown-ups can definitely find inspirations from them!


Bunnies check out the scene

Rabbit Brooch from Molasola

Bunnies reproduce fast in spring! Grab your siblings for some bonding time under the sun!


Sheeps lose some weight

Sheep Brooch from Digdig

Lambs will watch their parents downsize—you can, too!


Deers learn to talk

Bonjour Deer Card from Evan Woo

With a patient mother, babies learn the joy of talking! What’s the language you want to pick up again?


Ducklings get adventurous

3D Duckling Puzzle form Team Green

Whether wandering off on its own or paddling hard in the water, the way ducklings embrace life’s challenges is simply adorable and inspiring.


Squirrels get hustling

Squirrel Watch from Hana Maker

In spring, acorns haven’t grown fully yet so squirrels have to hustle to find buds and shoots as food. Join them and work hard!


Kittens chill and nap

Kitty Brooch from a piece of plastic

Cats seem to have the world in their control and no one can challenge their ways. Find the cat in you with your own philosophy on life!


Fox cubs get witty

Fox Handkerchief from Ardium

We’re all born with curiosity but foxes put it into use everyday (and get the credit for being smart!)


Hedgehogs have picnics

Hedgehog Postcard from Zona Chen

Hedgehogs come out of hibernation and dig insects and snails in spring! They’re the perfect buddy to join you in the garden.


Which baby animal could be your activity buddy?

Hop into spring with the bunnies!

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