Seize the Moment! Crystals and Healing Stones for Being Decisive

What is it like to live life with little regret? We can find out by living in the moment more and being open to life! For some of us, it means to worry less, for others it means to be more decisive, or to take action in spite of our fears. And just like everything else, there’s a few crystals for this!

How do you want to seize the moment? Let’s discover the healing crystals with benefits that might push you in the right direction!


1. To do more think less: Kunzite clears mind chatter and worries

Often we live in the past or future, not in the moment, because we’re worrying. Studies say we do it because worrying seems productive to the brain—at least it’s “doing” something. But that’s the reason we’re not taking action!

Citrine, Aquamarine and Kunzite Bracelet

Lithium in some stones like kunzite and lepidolite naturally emit a calming energy that can dispel worry and stress and let go of old patterns. If we break away from old habits, we can create new beginnings!

Kunzite Earrings  |  Lepidolite Hair Tie

Lepidolite clears away confusion and sharpens your mind, so it helps speeds up decision making!


2. To stop procrastinating: Carnelian releases fear and boosts ambition

We don’t ask a girl out in fear of being rejected, or hesitate to start a project because we’re scared it will fail and we’ll be judged. But seizing the moment means to enjoy the experience, not to control the result!

Amber Gold Earrings

Carnelian is common and has a bright, uplifting orange-red color. It’s known for boosting motivation—just seeing it make you feel courageous and want to work for your goals!


Carnelian Earrings  |  Carnelian Knotted Bracelet


3. To know what you want: Fluorite helps you make decisions!

“Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” Time easily flies when we are indecisive. If we make decisions quicker, we’ll gain a lot more time, create much more experiences, and have a much better idea what our real values and priorities are.

Shiny Stars Necklace

Fluorite is known as “the gemstone of discernment” and helps with clarity, organized thoughts and stability. It has fluorescent colors that lightens up the look, as if to remind you to not take things too seriously, and that nothing is set in stone!

Fluorite Bracelet


4. To live in the now: Citrine brings positive energy

What if we believe in ourselves and try to do it? What if we can find happiness even when things don’t work as we want them to? That’s living in the now!

Citrine Brass Bracelet

Sunshine citrine is the famous “merchant’s stone” that helps you make things become true. It also doesn’t hold negative energy, which seems very constructive if we want to believe in the present moment!

Dried Flower Citrine Orgonite


5. To be true to yourself: Lapis lazuli connects to your inner wisdom

Being true to ourselves is the key to living the moment, but it’s a big challenge to unravel. We’ve spent so much time in our lives hiding our real ideas and personalities; now why not accept the slow journey to rediscover ourselves again?

Lapis Lazuli Candle Holder

Beautiful lapis lazuli is popular for its deep blue color, and is the healing stone of truth. Use it to live as your authentic self, and stop wasting time being someone else!

Lapis Lazuli Necklace


Stones and crystals are said to have positive healing energy because each has their own mineral structure and makeup, as well as different colors and finishes that affects how we feel. Whether we’ve found our stone of truth or not, we’re surely closer to living and enjoying every moment in life! 

Don't wait; take action now!

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