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For Strange Women: Curious Scents for Those who Dare to Wander

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Forbidden forests, cozy cabins, antiques and an apothecary… believe it or not, these are the places that For Strange Women perfume can take you! With scents named November, Evergreen Mountains, Violin in the Attic and Satin Corset, For Strange Women is a collection of vivid experiences not only for the senses, but also for the imagination.


Based in Kansas City of the USA Midwest, artist Jill McKeever founded the perfumery studio in 2009, after exploring herbalism and aromatherapy. At the heart of these curious fragrances is all things natural and creative. “Botanical essences in just the right arrangement can transport you to another time and place, both mentally and emotionally,” notes Jill. “I want these invisible scent molecules to travel into your brain and awaken creative energy.”


The perfume oils and solid perfumes are tucked in lockets and bottles, some of them wearable as jewelry.

Autumn magic is in the air.


Mystical mountains and pines from Evergreen Mountain.


Winter Kitty—a scent inspired by “felines, fireplaces, and snowflakes.”


Capturing the Victorian era with violins and satin.


Even the packaging—from the scent descriptions, the bed of moss, to the illustration and letterpress card embellishing the box—pulls you to a different dimension to experience the scent with visuals (and imagination!)


Is For Strange Women for you?

Keep wandering……

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Text: Melissa
Source: For Strange Women

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