How to Make them Happy with Easy Essential Gifts that Never Go Wrong

Wool Christmas Stocking with Pine tree embroidery

Make them happy—whether your friends called for a last-minute gift exchange, or if you’re short on time for a hostess gift!

Upgraded, luxurious and cozy items never go wrong as gifts, especially everyday items like socks, slippers and soaps—we hardly treat ourselves to nice, gift-worthy versions. That’s where you come in! Pick up these practical items, and make sure they are luxe, soft, creative, or all. That’ll warm them up for a long, long time.


A nice pair of designer socks

Red asymmetrical snowflake pattern socks

Asymmetrical Snowflake Socks

Are nice socks old tricks? Never! Just look at this pair of asymmetrical holiday-themed socks that are festive and wintery, yet far from obvious. If you’re offering to fill our dressers with tasteful pairs like these, we’ll say yes every time.

They’ll also like these nice socks

Blue tie-up ribbons gray socks White and turquoise little cat socks with birdies

      XX Socks  2 Little Cats Socks


Xiaolongbao dumplings set Christmas Holiday Socks gift set

Xiaolongbao Socks  Holiday Socks   


Indoor slippers with nice surprises

 Purple unicorn heat up slippers

Unicorn Warm-Up Slippers

Even sweeter than lush, comfy socks are fancy slippers that turn a secret wishlist of a splurge into reality. Heated slippers? Light-up slippers? These are the type of ridiculously fun items anyone would be happy to receive. They can even wear them to a NYE sleepover party!


They’ll also like these slippers

Marshmallow bunny fluffy indoor slippers Japanese woven indoor slippers

Marshmallow Rabbit Slippers  Japanese Woven Slippers


Unicorn USB light-up slippers UGG indoor slippers

Unicorn Light-Up Slippers
UGG Shearers Slippers


Fancy candles with a personal touch

Appointment with Plato Luxury Candle

Appointment with Plato Candle

There are plenty of fancy candles out there, and with specific themes, candle collections get even better as gifts. It’s not just about cedar, sage or cinnamon: there are perfect candle gifts for bookworms, philosophers, crystal lovers, cat lovers and more.  

They’ll also like these fancy candles

Diamond Dust crystal jelly candle American Shorthair Cat Candle

     Diamond Dust Candle American Shorthair Cat Candle


Crystal gemstone candles Red mountain pyramid candle

     Crystal Candles   Red Mountain Candle  


Eye-catching soaps they won’t believe are real

Blue Meteorite Soap

Meteorite Soap

Charming cupcake soaps that are too pretty to eat—I mean to use. Show your appreciation for family, friends and everyone who has helped you this year by giving them this quirky and useful gift! If they are outdoorsy, the convenient twist stick travel soap would be perfect for their camping trips!

They’ll also like these specialty soaps

Rose Cake Handmade Soaps Twist Stick Travel Soap

Rose Cake Handmade Soaps
 Twist Stick Travel Soap  


Shiba inu and Dog Shampoo Herbal Bar Soap Capricorn Zodiac Soap

Dog Shampoo Herbal Bar Soap
   Capricorn Zodiac Soap     


A soft bath robe to pamper your bestie

Home Hotel Coral Fleece Robe

Home Hotel Coral Fleece Robe

A lush, furry robe is the way to really pamper your bestie! Modern people like us stay busy to the last second before bed, so usually it’s hard for us to justify splurging on a comfy robe to lounge around the house in. But if one comes along as a gift, it’ll certainly grant your friend the coziest winter ever. Plus, look at the hoodies and onsen style prints! How cool is that?

Mint Waves Bathrobe in greeneries

Mint Waves Bathrobe 


See? Even common practical items can be really thoughtful gifts with the right design and the right touch for your recipient. So if you need ideas, head to the stores and dig out every design there is so you don’t go to the party empty-handed!

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