Come Meet 9 Handmade Animal Pals from Japan

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 One of the most magical thing in storybooks is that animals can talk. How much fun it would be to play with bears and chat with owls! We’re never too old for make-believe—it’s where creativity comes from! Today we’re introducing 9 Japanese crafters who bring animals to life with these everyday designs. Join us for some wildlife companionship.


Lady Bear Pin by Pin pignon

I haven’t enjoyed tea time with Lady Cat for months! I shall primp up myself, and we’ll have coffee and a good time.


iPhone6 Polar Bear Phone Case by Panic Junkie

I’m a proud polar bear and my love for you will melt an iceberg.


Little Sheep Wooden Pin by ponie

Go away, big bad wolf. Spring is blooming and my apple is waiting!


Calico Cat Ceramic Dish by 716-zakka

Meow~ Relaxing is my full time job! What’s better than sunbathing in my own grassy lawn?


Birthday Penguin Hand-carved Figures by hanano

Happy Birthday! I wish you a wonderful year ahead, and we'll make it awesome together!


Owl and Moon Wooden Necklace by UNPEU

A silent owl and hooting moon seem to make good company in the midnight woods.


Paper Airplane Birdie Brooch by Laboratorio

Everyday I practice flying, and once in a while I take it easy ♪


Tiger Cubs Bib by rumah organics

In the name of love, a fierce tiger like me dressed down with adorable pink. Somewhere, a baby needs me! 


Handmade Reindeer Stamp by ako-japan GALLERY

It’s time for my sunset stroll to display my antler crowns. Ah, glorious land.


Which woodland animal do you like the most? Comment below and let us know!

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