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10 Delightfully Gloomy Black & White Illustrations

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How can a world of black and white be delightful? Well, some of the funniest and most heartwarming stories happen in the gloomiest of times (just refresh your memory with Beetlejuice or The Addams Family.) Come find humorous characters and stories in these 10 pen-and-ink illustrations that you can wear, share and admire!


1. Weird Friends from a.part

“There’s plenty of fish in the sea, and you’re the weirdest.” What an affectionate message for friends who deserve it—There’s no sugar coating in a.part illustrations.


2. Where is My Mind from Laurencette

“Destruction is the path to freedom,” whispered the mind, fluttering like butterflies. Find both grief and hope in the artwork of Laurencette.


3. Mr. Shakespeare Stamp from H Stuff Room

According to H Stuff Room, Shakespeare is only human, just like us: he writes stories, falls in love, and picks his nose.


4. Head Full of You from Humchuk

These wiggly men appear in every piece of Humchuk’s work. They hide behind masks, but reveal our secret crush!


5. Climate Crisis Collection from Designite

From Designite’s collection of eco-conscious artwork, this sci-fi illustration series might actually be sketches of our near future.


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6. Alchemy Temporary Tattoo from Lazy Duo

To see a world in a grain of sand, Lazy Duo captures the nature and mystic forces in illustrations merely inches wide.


7. Conflict T-shirt from View Finder

“Surviving internal conflicts is what makes us unique.” By the look of those twisted heads, we can assume it will hurt a little.


8. Chubby and Doughnuts Postcard from First of May

The hole in the doughnut fills the hole in our hearts. Unfortunately, things are not so perfect in Chubby’s world.


9. The Thinking Bird Tool Bag from Ohtoro Art

In these strokes of light and darkness, we can’t help but wander into the universe where the Thinking Bird perches.


10. Wither Print from Tailer 

How fast can you go, tracing the footsteps of a fallen leaf? Find deep thoughts in Tailer’s vintage and surrealist-inspired collages.


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