What is Your Halloween Alter Ego? 8 Costume Ideas to Create the Look

Halloween is coming! It's that time of the year to dress up not as ghosts and witches, but as your secret identity. Liberate your alter ego this Halloween! Perhaps you secretly consider yourself a fairy, or you’ve always wanted to be a pastry chef instead of a graphic designer. Now is the time to make believe!


From Another Time and Space

Firebird Fox Mask from Bymonn

Our ancestors wore masks to connect to gods and their ancestors; perhaps it’s their way of travelling across time and space.

Tooth Necklace from Defy 

From the Victorian, Steampunk or another parallel universe with the darkest secrets? You hold the secret of the asylum apothecary where alchemy and medicine went hand in hand. (Psst—Defy is having free worldwide shipping right now!)


Discover Your Super Powers


Superhero Notebooks from Design Apt

It’s not the costume, but the action that counts—write down your world-changing ideas and tackle your problems now!

Sea Magic Hair Pin from Tales of Miruna

Human's longings and dreams are collected by the sea nymphs, and turned into gemstones carrying magical powers of water and dreams.


Not Really Human

Lobster Leggings from Achille

Dive into the ocean and surround yourself with nymphs, mermaids and a few lobsters too (yum—fresh in season!)

Peacock Queen False Eyelashes from Paperself

It only takes a look from the Peacock Queen to bring the entire bird kingdom to their knees. Connect to your royal animal instincts with these false eyelashes. (Or wear flirty peacock on your fingers!)


Not Animal Either

Pink Mustache Touchscreen Gloves from Smart-U

Outfit: Pink furry monster. Accessories: leg furries and furry hands. With these hard-working minions, you’ll look like the boss among monsters for sure. (You can also adopt KONETA, a fairy from Japan.)

Slime Shades from Kamty

Cover yourself in goo, even in the eyes. Head out and trace the slime on the street to look for your slimy family members! (You’ll want a sidekick or two.)


Are you a superhuman, a magical beast or just a good ol’ human?

Gear up for Halloween

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