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Prepare your Kitchen for an International Food Fest!

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Jamie Oliver once demonstrated how to make the perfect scrambled eggs the English, French and American way, all with two eggs and butter. The only differences were the pans and methods! Sometimes, tools make all the difference when you’re trying new recipes. Here are some ideas to equip your kitchen for very different flavors!


Fancy French Hors d'Oeuvres

Wooden Tray from viithe

As the guests arrive one by one, the party has begun! Stimulate senses by presenting toasted baguettes and freshly chopped herbs on a nice wooden tray.


Hearty American Chowder

Enameled Steel Stock Pot from CB Japan

Don’t be shy with the size! Boil a good pot of broth with chicken or vegetables; they add the magic to creamy chowders.


Japanese Grills and Yakimono

Oven Safe Saute Pan from In the Mood

This pan is great for the stovetop and oven, so you can go from pan-fried gyozas for lunch to baked miso salmon for dinner.


Steamy Korean Sides

Plastic Steamer Set from i+Deal

Satisfy your appetite with sides! Eggs, tofu and bean sprouts; rice cake, ramyeon and kimchi… no wonder these steamers come in sets of three.


Chinese Stew over Rice


Ceramic Cooking Pot Set from Dog & Banana

Have you had a Chinese roundtable dinner experience? Use this three-piece set to make a hot pot dinner that’s meant for sharing!


English Tea and Cakes

Mason Cash Kitchen Scale from Country Alley

This is what we love about hosting an afternoon tea party at home: baking and cooking are labors of love that make your cakes extra sweet!


What are you craving this moment? For drinks, we suggest making pomelo tea and serving sake!

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